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Wake-up Work

Physical Activity-

Join in with Joe Wicks



English: Read, Write, Inc.

Today we are revisiting the 'ay' sound. Watch the video and upload your work to class dojo.

Reading: Poetry

Wednesday - Divide by 5

Science - Can I plan and carry out an investigation to find out what plants need to grow and stay healthy? (lesson2)


How do we know if a plant is alive?

Does a plant move, breath, grow, eat, drink?

Think back to the science work we completed earlier on in the year of things that are alive or dead. 


Have you heard of the word 'germinate'? This means start growing. Seeds and bulbs have enough goodness contained in them to start growing - once they develop their first leaves they attract the sun and the leaves help to produce food - we call this photosynthesis. 

Plants are living things. They grow, eat move and reproduce. This video shows the evidence that plants are living things.

Activity - 

You are going to think about what a plant needs to continually grow and survive. You might think a plant needs water, air, soil or light.

Can you write up your own prediction as to what you think a plant needs and why?


Once we are back in school (next week) we will carry out this investigation with seeds and change the different variables.

1. To have soil, air, light but no water

2. To have soil, air, water but no light

3. To have water, light , air but no soil (use a paper towel instead)

4. To have soil, water, light but put in the fridge

5. To have soil, water, light put in a warm temperature.


We will regularly check the pots of seeds and keep a 'plant diary' as we go. 

Activity - Complete the front cover of your plant diary.



Plant Diary