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Physical Activity Challenge



Active Game from Youth Sports Trust – ‘Treasure Chest’. Instructions -  



Today we are looking at breaking down subtraction into parts using a part part whole model. For question 3 on the worksheet it may help your child if you draw counters to represent the whole and then cross out one of the parts to find the other part.



This term we are carrying on with our learning about seasonal changes. Today we are going to revisit our prior learning about the four seasons. Then we will explore the weather across the seasons. Your first activity is to draw a picture of you in Spring, then Summer, Autumn and Winter. Think about what clothes you would wear in the different seasons. For example, the teachers are wearing their hats, coats, scarves and gloves at the moment when we are going outside because it is Winter and the weather is cold.

Our second activity this week includes completing a weather chart. We would like you to look outside your window and draw a picture to show whether it is raining, cloudy, snowing or what ever the weather may be. Can you do this twice a day until next Wednesday-every morning and afternoon. We have included a sheet to help you but you can also ask an adult to draw a table and write the days of the week at the top and then you can add the symbols underneath. Next Wednesday we will look at our weather chart and talk about what we have found out.