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Over the last few weeks, we have been looking at Shackleton's journey.  We looked at a narrative text about when they set off and sailed into the Weddell Sea.  On Monday, you needed to decide what part of the journey you were going to base your narrative text on.  You had 3 choices:

1. The loss of Endurance (when the pack ice built up, crushing the ship, which eventually sunk and the men needed to set up Ocean Camp) 

2. Their trek across the ice and snow to find safer ground and when they set up Patience Camp and they had to struggle with dwindling food supplies to survive.

3. Escaping the breaking/melting ice (when the Shackleton decided that their only hope of rescue was to travel to an inhabited island, so a small group of them set off in their rowing boats and ended up at Elephant Island).

I have uploaded the different parts of the text in separate Power Points for you to use to help you.  You will only need the part of the story you are writing about.

Today you will be starting to write your narrative text on your chosen part of the journey.  Use the lesson Power Point to help you write your opening paragraph.  You can either write it out on paper or type it onto Microsoft Word. Don't forget to send it to me on Dojo.


Today we are going to use what we have learnt so far to help us solve ratio and proportion problems.  Watch the video below and then have a go at questions 1-3 on your sheet.  If you fancy a challenge, complete the rest of the sheet too.


Today we are starting our new geography topic - Speke.  In this topic, we will be looking at where Speke is, scale maps of Speke and how its population has affected its change in land use.  There are 15 questions on the Power Point to find out how much you know about Speke.  Add you answers to the sheet below and send them to me on Class Dojo.