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Lesson 1:P.E

Treasure Chest

Lesson 2: English

Lesson 3: Maths

Today you will continue to measure perimeter. You will measure the perimeter of rectangles.

Lesson 4: Art 


Can I use draw simple objects and use marks and lines to produce texture?


By the end of the half term, we will have produced some drawings of Liverpool buildings by many architects including Alfred Waterhouse who designed some Liverpool buildings. Have a look at some of his buildings in the link below - do you recognise any of them? When creating 3D drawings it is important to think about lighter areas and shaded areas so let's look at learning that skill today!


Task 1: 

Split a piece of paper into four sections and practise building up lines (cross hatching) watch the link to learn how to create darker and lighter shading this way. Try this in pencil first and use coloured pencils, pens if you have any to see how that changed the effect. 


Task 2: Use the shapes in the link or try drawing your own.  Build up cross hatched lines and choose to make sides of the shape darker or lighter. 




Crosshatching for Beginners

How to crosshatch: a step by step tutorial. This is probably one of the best ways to learn the crosshatching drawing technique. This short lesson teaches yo...

Lesson 5: Music