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Week beginning 8.2.21

This week our theme is based on the book 'Beeju'. Have fun learning and remember to send us some photographs of the work you have been doing. You can do this through Twitter, Class Dojo or Purple Mash!
Reading with and to your child is one of the best things you can do to help them learn and spend time together, developing a love for books. Below is a list of resources and stories that you can use at home. Enjoy!

Daily PE ideas


Monday:     Dance with Oti Mabuse - SHREK  -


Tuesday:    Cosmic yoga - 

Kids Yoga and Mindfulness to deal with BULLIES! 🤨 



Wednesday: Active Party GAMES: Fill your 30 minutes active time with fun games for your family or class group. You will need some loud music.


  1. Musical staues
  2. Musical bumps
  3. Musical chairs (ask adult permission before moving furniture!)



Thursday: WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE –  How many consecutive times can you keep a tennis ball bouncing on a bat? Spend time practicing and then give yourself a 2 minute timer and see how many you can do. If the ball drops onto the floor, start your count again. Tweet your results.


Friday: Dance with our school coach Helen McCarron - ALLADIN - 'YOU AIN'T EVER HAD A FRIEND LIKE ME'.