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Miss O'Connor, Miss Finlay and Mrs LaHive welcome you to class 1O.

Thank you for visiting our page, please keep returning for regular updates to find out what we have been doing.

Upcoming dates this half term:

Monday 7th January - Back to school, Keeping Safe week

Thursday 10th January - Hi Impact workshop

Friday 18th January - Watching school production PM

Friday 15th February - Finish for half term

Monday 25th February - Back to school

Spring 1 - Up in the Air

Subject overview:

Keeping safe week - WC 7th January 2019 

RE - Special people, Meals

English - List poems, Traditional Tales

Maths - Shape, Place value to 20

History - History of aviation, focus on Wright brothers and Amelia Earhart

Art - Painting focus on Kandinsky

PE - Gymnastics

SEAL - Going for goals

Phonics Screening check preparation  - Mock checks


We are hoping to arrange a visit as an entry point to this topic details to follow.



E safety by 1O

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Check out the fun we had during St Christopher's China week after Mrs Denby's recent visit.

Autumn 2 - Toys

The children returned to school and St Christopher's celebrated China week after Mrs Denby's visit.  In 1O we had a Mandarin lesson, made lots of Chinese inspired crafts such as lanterns and drums, did some Chinese ribbon dancing and made our own class dragon boat! We finished this week with a special Chinese meal in our classroom using chopsticks to taste the flavours of China. It was very interesting watching the children explore how to use these to get the food to their mouths!

We then went into out topic of toys with a toy day where children brought in toys to share with their classmates before we talked about similarities and differences between them.  The main subject focus though was History and our homework was to ask our Parents and Grandparents the toys they played with the compare and contrast with toys from today.  The children really enjoyed playing hopscotch and marbles in class and it also helped with our Science topic of Materials as we could discuss variety of different materials toys are made from and how materials have changed in the making of our favourite toys.

We also loved creating dance moves to toy inspired songs such as You've got a friend in me from Toy Story and Can't stop the feeling from the Troll movie using Just Dance to help inspire us in PE. The beginning of December saw St Christopher's DT week commence and year 1 were set the challenge of creating a moving vehicle.  The children loved exploring how cars were made to move and exploring how best to create axles with our class building kits. Our Toy Shop role play really helped us embed our new English and Maths skills.  We had be looking at Labels and captions in English and after having a post it labelling competition we began using labels in our shop to identify the different toys and create selling slogans.  Our final piece of writing was an advertising poster for a toy. Maths focused on Addition and Subtraction were we used whole part models to partition numbers initially before moving on to finding the missing parts using our new skills.

December saw the children act out the Nativity story to our families alongside Year 2 and have many numerous encounters with Santa.  First they visited our school Grotto and then Santa skyped our class to talk to us with the help of Hi Impact.  We also had lots of fun using a variety of Christmas apps which even saw the children turning us teachers into dancing elves which they found hilarious! We even squeezed in Art day before we finished and we explored Collage by creating a final piece based on our favourite colour and its friends in the same colour palette. We also had a class visitor in the form of Monty the Penguin who left a very chilly trail around our room and inspired us to create some descriptive writing about Antarctica.

We were lucky enough to fill our class marble jar so the children chose to have a pyjama party and Kyle even brought in donuts for us to share - thank you Kyle.  We also had a lot of Christmas celebrations such as Christmas dinner day, our class party which even saw the Gruffalo pay us a visit and we would like to say a huge thank you to all our families who donated many items for our Christmas fayre and Radio City toy appeal. 

After all that hard work we definitely deserve a break - so enjoy spending quality family time together over the Christmas holidays and we will see you back in school on the 7th January 2019.





Autumn 1: Seasons


Our first half term in 1O was very exciting.  The children settled well into their new routines and meeting their new teachers.  Entry point to this topic was a dress up day where the children came to school in clothes of their favourite season. This topic was a science and geography based one, the children focused on weather patterns in the UK seasons and how daylight hours vary through them.  We also focused on trees and plants and went around our school grounds investigating which trees we had by identifying them through their leaf shapes. We conducted an experiment to find out which material would make the best umbrella for Percy to keep him dry.

In English, after looking at Alliteration poetry, we focused on Percy the Park Keeper's After the Storm book.  We used our seasonal knowledge to change the problem in the story.  We enjoyed exploring different seasons in our Dream room, and having a bonfire with Mr Hall to explore a winters day.  We kept warm with hot chocolate and some Smores made on the fire. 

Maths focused on place value to 10.  The children had to understand the value of each number and looked at different representations of the same number i.e. numeral, word, Numicon piece, counters, tallies, ten frame etc.  We then introduced the symbols for greater than and less than to compare numbers. 

RE was focused on our families and thank you to the families who gave a photograph in for our class displays.  The children enjoyed sharing stories of their relatives and are now aware that they belong to our school and parish family too. The children also got to visit St Christopher's church for a welcome mass when we returned to school.  PE was learning the skills of throwing and catching and using these in games.  A new favourite game of the children's is Shark Attack. Another highlight of this half term was our giants picnic.  The generosity of our families meant it was a giant picnic!  the children enjoyed the picnic in the hall with year 2. The children enjoyed telling us tales of their giants experiences and what they saw. 

Finally we finished the Half term with Art week.  Year 1 looked at the artist Pablo Picasso and learnt to use sketching pencils.  We created collage faces using magazine images, and drew the other half of a facial feature, looked at how colours create different moods and explored the different numbered pencils and how we can create different effects through smudging, cross hatching and how we use the different sides, edges of the pencil too.  Their final piece was to create a self portrait of themselves in the style of Picasso applying the techniques they have learnt through the week.  

Enjoy half term and we will see you back 



Class information

PE is on a Friday in Year 1.  Please make sure your child's kit is in class with all items named. We encourage the children to leave their kits in school and return them at half term to be washed and returned with the children after the break.

Book bags

All book bags will be sent home on a Friday and will need to be returned to school the following Monday so that they can be changed in the week by Miss Finlay when she hears them reading.  Please also check for any letters that have been placed in the bag.  Key Person books are no longer filled in now that the children are in Year 1.


Water Bottles

Children can bring in a water (and only water) in a named bottle so if they get thirsty they have access to a drink throughout the day.




Wednesday is spelling test day in Year 1.  This is also the day the children will bring home their words for the next weeks test.  Due to parental demand all children now bring home a slip to inform you of how well they have done in their weekly test.






Homework Menu


Every half term, a homework menu will be given out with a selection of tasks to be completed, across all areas of the curriculum. It is your choice how many you complete, however you must do at least one and hand it in by the end of the half term. Your completed work will be celebrated. 


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