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Miss O'Connor, Miss Finlay and Miss Williams welcome you to class 1O.

Thank you for visiting our page, please keep returning for regular updates to find out what we have been doing.

Class information

PE is on a Friday in Year 1.  Please make sure your child's kit is in class with all items named. The last few weeks we have not had many children in kits and we have lots of unnamed items in class.

Book bags

All book bags will be sent home on a Friday and will need to be returned to school the following Monday so that they can be changed in the week by Miss Finlay when she hears them reading.  Please also check for any letters that have been placed in the bag.  Key Person books are no longer filled in now that the children are in Year 1.


Now it is the end of the school year all book bags must be returned and will be passed to the year 2 teachers who will return them in September.


Water Bottles

Children can bring in a water (and only water) in a named bottle so if they get thirsty they have access to a drink throughout the day.



Wednesday is spelling test day in Year 1.  This is also the day the children will bring home their words for the next weeks test.  Due to parent demand all children now bring home a slip to inform you of how well they have done in their weekly test.


​Upcoming Events this half term

Tuesday 5th June - Back to school

WC Monday 11th June  - Phonics Screening Check week

Tuesday 3rd July -Race for Life

Thursday 5th and Friday 6th July - Cross curricular days linked with Music day.

Monday 9th July  - Transition day

Monday 16th July  - KS1 awards assembly

Friday 20th July   - Go to church for Y6 leavers mass

Monday 23rd July - Year 1 end of year trip to The Venny.

Tuesday 24th July  - Finish for Summer



Please could children bring a strong carrier bag to school so they can bring home all their school books from this year.

Summer 2 -Holidays

This has been a very busy half term.  We started with a dress up day where the children came in dressed for a holiday and as a class we had to guess where they had been from the clues.  We were amazed by the costumes.  The children continued learning about the seven continents and about the North and South poles and equator.  Our Neighbours RE topic also linked in well with our Geography as we learnt about our neighbours all around the world and the children have been bringing in pennies for our class CAFOD box to help our neighbours who are less fortunate than us.  Music day had the focus of Eurovision and each year group was given a country and 1O were given Greece.  We sung the song 'In the summer sun of Greece' by Al a Carte and were amazing performing to the rest of the school and even incorporated the Zorba dance in their performance.  We then had an afternoon immersed in Greek culture, tasting various foods from the islands, listening to traditional music and dances, making flags and creating fact file about what makes the country special.  We even squeezed in a Zumba class with Kamila! It was a very busy day! 
DT was the other major subject area we have focused on this half term.  The children were tasked to make a fun salad and their designs were amazing.  We had butterflies, cars, trees etc all made from salad ingredients and the children finished their English work on Recount writing.  We had lots of events to write about. Sport played a big part in our curriculum this half term with Sports day and Race for Life. We have been doing lots of different maths topics and even had a world cup maths party day.  The children also filled their marble jar and chose to have Pyjama party for their class treat so we had a lovely afternoon reading bedtime stories and watching a movie.

This half term we said a sad goodbye to Mr Rotchell, who finished his placement with us.  We had a special party for him and great minds think alike as we gave him the story Oi Mr Rotchell! and he gave us Oi 1O! We had been inspired by the Oi stories he shared with us.  We will miss him and many of the children's favourite memories of the year 1 were lessons he taught so we wish him well with his new class in September. Talking of September, the children got to visit both Y2 classes in preparation for them moving up.  They were really excited and had lots to tell us when they returned to class about their new classrooms and teachers.  We all wish the children the best of luck in year 2.




A right Royal to do!

To celebrate the upcoming wedding of Prince Harry to Meghan Markle,  Year 1 became wedding planners for the afternoon.  We spoke about the Royal family and why it is an important part of our British Values.  The children then had an afternoon of cross curricular fun helping get ready for the wedding on Saturday. 

Caterpillar table used their phonics and grammar skills to work out the answers to the clues to find out which wedding theme we needed to cater for.  Gruffallo's got busy with fractions decorating the wedding cakes to very specific instructions.  Elmer's table were in charge of the seating plan, only guests who had real words were allowed a seat in the church and Tigers got busy using play dough to create some of the decorations needed such as bunting and tiaras. 

Miss Williams set up her own dress business and invited the children to come and create a dress for Meghan using art materials and plastic aprons and the whole class had to help write out the invitations, and make place mats for the reception.  Some of the children even found time to create their own wedding cards to send to the happy couple!

We hope that we helped and we are looking forward to seeing how our families celebrate this special occasion this weekend.  So please make sure you let us know if you are planning any special events.

Summer 1 - Our Wonderful World

This topic will focussed on the children learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans of our world.  They started by learning about how the United Kingdom is made up of four countries and looked at the characteristics of these 4 nations.  Mr Rotchell really inspired the children with his actions for each nation including being the giants for Northern Ireland!   They can now name the four capital cities for each nation too. We then moved on to be comparing Liverpool to Nairobi, Kenya looking at natural and manmade features found in both. Kenya was chosen as we had been learning about Handa's surprise in English and this is the country where Handa lived.  The children enjoyed learning about their hometown when we went on a local area walk and then came back and compared this to the Kenyan city, what we had in common and what was different.

The geography unit really helped the children get a better understanding of the setting of Handa which helped them create their own stories from another culture.  They have also embraced different cultures in PE by learning traditional dance moves from other cultures including Irish jigs and Russian Cossack moves!

Maths has focussed on place values to 50 and we will be moving onto numbers to 100 in the upcoming weeks. We have also been looking measures and the language associated with this.  RE was focussed on Pentecost and Being sorry.  We also had a fun day exploring printing using equipment found within the kitchen. The children used fruits and vegetables and dried pasta as well to create their own printing block. Ask them as well to sing to you their Banana rap!

Year 1 @ Hope - Phonics workshop

Spring 2 - Amazing Animals

A short but very busy half term! We welcomed Mr Rotchell to our class this half term and he will be working with us through till the summer term. 

The children began with an Author study on OIiver Jeffers for World book week.  They enjoyed stories like Lost and Found and the books he illustrated about the Day the Crayons came Home.  This ended with our school World Book Day parade and the children looked fab in their outfits. Our new topic began with a day were the children brought in their favourite animals and we played games where we categorised them.  This could of been animals who live in the water, animals who like the cold, animals who are furry etc.  At the end of the topic Lyndsey from Animals Takeover brought in some real life animals for us to categorise, these included snakes, owls and even a hedgehog named Sonic! We can now tell you about animal diets and the groups animals belong in depending on their internal structures.

We also learnt how to write a set of instructions.  Before writing our own we had lots of practise at following instructions whether these be from our teachers, using a recipe, Planting seeds or making pirate hats! We then used the model text How to catch a Dragon and learnt this in our Talk for Writing method. 

Maths was focused on the skills of addition and subtraction and we had a big Lent focus for RE and learnt about Jesus on the cross and made Easter gardens. All of us made a Lenten promise and had a class Lent Tree. 

One of the children's favourite days this half term was Art day were Y1s artist was  Kandinsky.  The children were only given red, blue, yellow and white paints and had to explore colour mixing to create their masterpieces which can be viewed in our school art exhibition in April. Our final week in school was DT week where the children had to create a freestanding structure for an animal enclosure and we also created our Easter crafts which we hope you liked before partying away the school disco to finish the half term.  Have a wonderful Easter break, see you all on Monday 9th April for our final term in year 1.

World Book Day

What an amazing day we had!  The children looked super in their costumes and completed character profiles about themselves in role.  Class 5C came down and 'Shared a story' with us.  The children really enjoyed this and have requested it happens again. Thank you to all our families for your hard work getting the children ready today. 

Marble Jar Treat

Congratulations 1O, the children finally filled our class marble jar.  This entitled them to a class treat and the children decided they would like an ice cream factory!  Here we are enjoying making our tasty treats.  Children earn marbles for walking sensibly in the corridor, being very good at playtimes and in assemblies, wearing the correct school uniforms including PE kits and having good manners. 

Spring 1 - Up in the Air

This half term our focus was on Up in the Air.  This was a history based topic and we looked at the history of Aviation and the pioneers Amelia Earhart and the Wright Brothers. We started with a craft afternoon creating things we find in the air and this continued throughout the homework project.  please take the time to check out the amazing models the children created with their families further down the page.  The children explored history by creating timelines of events in aviation in relation to other events such as the birth of themselves and staff members. We then focused on the first planes designed by the Wright brothers and how they are different from the planes of today.  We also explored the story of Amelia Earhart, and how she disappeared during her round the world trip. 


Our English work was on Traditional Tales with a focus on Jack and the Beanstalk. The children were emerged into the world of traditional tales through reading a range of different stories and working out similarities between them all.  We then used the language of Traditional tales to create our own made up stories using story dice to give us characters and settings. When the children return to school they will be writing their own traditional tale.


In Maths we are now focusing on Numbers to 20 and beyond. We started the term looking at shapes and then moved on to two digit numbers and looking at tens and units. We used a range of mathematical equipment including Base 10, Cuisenaire rods and golden eggs! Children have enjoyed the practically exploration of numbers through these resources. The children also enjoyed Numbers Day and looked fab in their number accessories. Mrs Corstin took the children on a school number hunt which they had to answer maths questions about playground equipment.


RE was focussed on our local church.  We learnt about Father Ed's job and what happens at Mass on Sundays.  We got to interview the staff about their jobs and are now looking at the theme of Meals, focussing on Communion.


We have also begun to focus our attention on preparing for our Phonics Screening Check which will take place in June. Below is a link for families to help prepare your child at home.

Up in the Air homework project - Here are some of the amazing projects that were created, thank you to all who participated.

Autumn 2 - Toys

This was a busy term for the children as we explored the history of toys through those they play with and those their family members did in the past.  We started our topic with a  Toy day on the first Friday back and a trip to Legoland Manchester. During our topic we got to play with old fashioned and modern toys.  The children enjoyed hula hoops and hopscotch and completing the Lego challenge cards.  We had our own toy shop set up in class and our DT project was to make a moving vehicle.  The children had to build the axles so the wheels could spin and their vehicles could move.  They should great imaginations and our flock of vehicles included limousines, ice cream vans and army tanks as well as cars and buses.   We had Santa Skype us to and got to play on an app that allowed us to style Santa, dying his beard and giving him hair cuts.  

Performing was a big part of this term as we rehearsed for the Nativity plays.  The children sang beautifully and we hope we made our families proud.  Learning the story was a big support to our RE topic too.  After our theme on Baptism, we learnt about the Christmas story and the tradition of Christingle.  The term also began with working with Rock Kidz.  We had real fun being rock stars and singing and dancing, the children really enjoyed Battle time in which there was a staff versus pupils competitions all week.  Thank you so much for the amazing costumes that the children wore to their concert.


English was focused on labels and captions.  We started with a big post it parade competition - the children had to put as many labels as they could on their team leader in a set time period.  We also had a special Christmas unit based on the John Lewis advert - Monty the Penguin in which we learnt about descriptive language.  Children got to apply their newly learnt skills when our class post box arrived and enjoyed writing letters and cards for their friends.  Maths was working on adding and subtracting.  Children had to use equipment to help them work out the answers. We are now practising writing our numbers and the words for numbers. 


​Autumn 1 - Seasons

The children have settled well into their new classroom and routines in Year 1.  Our topic for this half term is Seasons and we started our topic with a dress up day where the children came to school dressed as their favourite season.  The children also got their first experience of after school clubs through Children's University.  They either work out in Zumba or explore new tales in Story club.

English lessons focused on Alliteration poetry and then The Tiger who Came to Tea.  The starting point to this story was when the children discovered a crime scene in their classrooms and had to investigate what had happened.  The children then learnt the story through storymaps and actions and then changed the character when writing their own versions of the story.

In Maths the children were getting a good understanding of our number system.  They had to order numbers and then worked on one more and one less than using number lines before moving onto introducing the symbols for greater then and less than.

Our topic was Geographical and Science based with the focus on seasonal change.  We explored daylight hours in each season and discussed the weather associated with each season. We then explored Plants and Trees, finding out about Evergreen and Deciduous varieties and wild and garden plants.

RE focused on our families and we asked the children to bring in a family photograph for our display.  They then had a week focused on Judaism and finished the half term with our Harvest festival.  In year 1 we learnt about where bread came from and made our own loaves.  Thank you very much for your kind donations for the foodbank.  A big thank you as well to the families who took the time to attend the Meet the Teacher sessions.  It was lovely to have you reading in class with us.  We hope you found your information packs useful.

We also had a lot of visitors in class this half term.  Hi Impact came and delivered a session on Osmo, an app and equipment that helps our logistical thinking.  We also had Keeping Safe week in October and had NSPCC, Police and Road safety come and talk to us about how we keep ourselves out of danger. Our final visitor was the school photographer who took our photographs.

Finally thank you to all the families who completed the Planting Homework challenge.