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Miss O'Connor and Miss Finlay welcome you to class 1O.

Thank you for visiting our page, please keep returning for regular updates to find out what we have been doing.

Class information

PE is on a Friday in Year 1.  Please make sure your child's kit is in class with all items named. 

Book bags

All book bags will be sent home on a Friday and will need to be returned to school the following Monday so that they can be changed in the week by Mrs West or Miss Finlay when they hear them reading.  Please also check for any letters that have been placed in the bag.  Key Person books are no longer filled in now that the children are in Year 1.


Water Bottles

Children can bring in a water (and only water) in a named bottle so if they get thirsty they have access to a drink throughout the day.



Wednesday is spelling test day in Year 1.  This is also the day the children will bring home their words for the next weeks test.  If your children gets all their spellings correct they will come home with a slip to inform you of this achievement.


​Upcoming Events this term

Monday 5th June - INSET Day

Tuesday 6th June - Back to school

WC 12th June - Phonic Screening Check week

Wednesday 14th June - Race for Life

Monday 19th June - Football Coaching

Wednesday 21st June - Enterprise Day

Friday 23rd June - Music Day - Disney - 1O will perform 'I wanna be like you' from Jungle Book.

Friday 30th June - Chester Zoo trip

Friday 7th July - Maths Party Day

Thursday 13th July  - KS1 Sports day

Monday 17th July  - Transition day

Friday 21st July - Finish for Summer


Please could all children bring in a strong carrier bag so they can take home their school books for this year.  Also any outstanding book bags need to be returned ASAP ready for the new school year.

Summer 2

This has been a busy term for class 1O! Our topic has been Holidays and we have looked at how holidays have changed over time in history.  We watched Magic Grandad and came to school wearing our own holiday clothes.  We identified hot and cold countries and different types of holidays you have in these places. 

RE has been focused on Being Sorry and Neighbours, Maths has been recapping areas of maths such as number bonds and fractions.  In English we have been looking at recounts.  We started by using the story of The Train Ride and used the structure to then recount experiences we had such as our trip to Chester Zoo and Music day.  Talking of Music day, the children performed their song really well and lots of teachers praised our class for their high quality performance they sung and danced their socks off!

We have had a variety of different experiences this term too.  On June 8th we hit the polling station to vote for our school Play Minister.  We were all given a voting card and placed it in the ballot box.  We competed in Race for Life and raised money for Cancer Research.  Engage for Africa came and gave the children football coaching in exchange for their old football boots and tops.  The whole school designed and researched a new reading area during Enterprise day.  The children got to work in classes with children from all year groups and new teachers too.  We attended our church to celebrate the Y4 children who had taken their Holy Communions and went on our visit to Chester Zoo.  It was an amazing day and the Chimpanzees antics definitely left a lasting impression on the children! We also had Maths Party Day where the children had to plan and organise a maths themed party, including going shopping to Morrison's with the shopping list.

We still have Sports day,Transition day, Y6 leavers mass and end of year awards to go as well.

I am pleased to announce that 1O also had 100% attendance the week beginning 26th June and we won £10 and used this money to buy ingredients to make our own ice cream sundaes.  The children got very creative and enjoyed creating their own sundae bowls.

Miss Finlay and I would like to take the opportunity to say how wonderful the children have been this year.  We have made some amazing memories and wish all the children well in Year 2, we hope they come and tell us how they are getting on.  Enjoy the summer holidays and see you all on Wednesday 6th September 2017 for the start of the new school year.

This term we have been learning about the topic of 'Neighbours'. We will talk about how neighbours share God's world.


The Big Question


Who is my neighbour?



Family Activity


This term it would be nice for all of 1O and their families to make an effort to be a good neighbour. You could say hello or good morning to your neighbours, give them a smile and ask them how they are? This simple thing can really brighten up someones day. 


Parents you could invite a neighbour in for a cup of tea; a great opportunity to get to know someone new to the area or catch up with old friends. 

Music Day - Friday 23rd June 2017

Race for life - Wednesday 14th June 2017

Summer 1

This half term we introduced our new topic by going on an around the world trip in our Dream Room. We visited all seven continents and looked at things that were unique about them. The children also completed a homework challenge on the ‘Seven Wonders of the New World’ and it was great to see the variety of tasks children and their families completed. Thank you so much if you took the time to work with your child on their project. As part of this topic, in music the children had to learn and perform a song from a given country. We had a lovely afternoon learning songs about Koalas and Albuquerque Turkeys, and using Caribbean, Chinese and Spanish lyrics! This topic ended with a Geography day where the children learnt more about the seven continents, the five world oceans and about how the United Kingdom is made up and all the capital cities there are in the UK.

Our Art work focused on the work of American artist Georgia O’Keeffe who creates art work based on nature. We focussed on her flower work as our science unit was on plants. The children took iPads outside and took up close photographs of the flowers in our school grounds. We then used these to recreate work in her style in a variety of mediums including pencil drawings, colour mixing and collage. We were very lucky as Mr Elsworth came and taught about trees as part of our Plants topic. He showed us a variety of really interesting trees and gave us a challenge to find different types of trees in our school grounds and identifying them through the leaf shapes and seeds. We then created some art work based on the leaves we found. Mr Elsworth has also been impressed as for the second month running 1O were the class who gave in the most science sizzler homework sheets and had our own extra draw for prizes.

We also celebrated Outdoor Learning day on May 18th by completing a maths obstacle course using all our new skills from our directional and positional language unit. Other maths skills we have focussed on this half term include 2D and 3D shapes and money. The children have been playing barrier games to identify shapes from clues and recreating patterns. We have also used Beebots when learning about giving instructions correctly and writing instructions for maps. English focussed on Fantasy stories. We read the story Cloudlands and used this as the basis for writing our own stories including characters such as unicorns, demons, vampires, fairies and Mermaids. The children did well at creating very creative stories. RE was Holidays and Holy days with a particular focus on Pentecost.  The children then went on and studied the other faith of Islam learning all about the Prophet Muhammad. We also had another Hi Impact workshop using Code Studio with Mr Nottingham, who was very impressed by the skills the children were showing.

I am very pleased to inform you that this half term 1O filled their marble jar for the second time and for a class treat they requested a Teddy Bears Picnic so on the last Monday the children’s bears joined them at school for an afternoon picnic tea. Mrs Pierlejewski was in class this day and was delighted to be able to share this celebration with the children.

Next half term are focus will Holidays and Year 1 Phonics Screening Check will be taking place.

Spring 2 - Seasons

We have had some very exciting events during this half term.

After returning to school we attended our church for the Ash Wednesday service and took our class Lenten tree which displayed our promises for the period of Lent. Expect to see very kind and helpful children and tidy bedrooms! Thank you very much for the amazing generosity of our families for your donations to our Lenten charity, The Whitechapel centre we have raise over £30 in class 1O.

In the lead up to World Book Day we focused on the work of the author Eric Carle. We read a range of his stories and even attempted to create some art work in the collage style he uses in his books. Children also became authors themselves this half term. After reading Handa’s Surprise the children went on to create their own story from another culture by changing the characters, fruits and animals to their own story maps. These maps then became their story plans and over the course of a week they worked through each part to write their own version. We were also pleased to see some children applying their joined up writing.

Last week we had Family Maths bingo. A huge thank you to all those who were able to attend. We had so much fun working out our sums that each bingo number gave us that we didn’t even realise we were in our maths lesson! Congratulations to Aaron and Saydee (1O) and Alfie and Scarlett (1W) who where are class winners and took home a delicious Easter egg each. It was a lovely way to spend the morning. Maths this half term has focussed on Fractions and measurement. Children enjoyed working with a range of measuring equipment measuring the lengths of the playground, or using various beakers to measure capacity.

Year 1 took a very special trip this half term! We went to the North Pole!!! We worked with the Google Expedition team and on our iPads went on a virtual experience to the North Pole. We saw Santa on his sleigh and Elves in their workshop and lots and lots of snow. The hall echoed with lots of excited explorers as they navigated their way around this new country.

Our topic work has focussed on the Seasons. We have looked at seasonal changes in weather and the amount of daylight hours in each season. We have worked with the piece Vivaldi’s four seasons to learn musical vocabulary such as pitch and tempo. The final Monday was a full day of Art based on the work of Andy Goldsworthy. Children created sculptures out of natural materials and explored colour mixing to recreate these in another media.

We finished this term with a very special Grand National Maths Day.  The children had a geometry focus to design their own jockey shirt and had to come up with a mathematical name for their horse.  We then participated in class, year group and Key Stage races.  Well Done Nikola on being 1Os  Winner.

The other big focus for Year 1 has been working on our Phonics skills in preparation for the Phonics Screening Check. We have been using lots of games to practise recognising our diagraph sounds, alternative spellings and words containing split diagraphs. There are lots of apps and games that support these if you wish to practise at home. Please speak to Miss O’Connor if you want some guidance on this. Enjoy your Easter Break see you back on Monday 24th April.

Our class story map to practise at home

Our class story map to practise at home  1

Spring 1 - Up in the Air.

The focus for this half term was Up in the Air.  We had an Airport role play in class and looked at key points in aviation history including learning about Amelia Earhart and The Wright Brothers.  The children looked at materials in science and conducted an experiment to find out which material would make the best aeroplane to fly in our playground and this was corrugated plastic.  As part of DT the children also made their own kites by joining materials together and investigating the structures it needs to fly. Thank you so much as well for the amazing models that were created as part of the children's homework projects. 

In English our focus was Traditional Tales and we are learnt about Little Red Riding Hood and then we changed it by thinking about the story from the point of view of the Wolf character.  We were lucky that he popped by to visit our class as we could ask questions and listen to his version of events. The children love reading so much that we now have class reader times where children can bring in their favourite book from home and they get to read it to our class at story time. We then moved onto instructions and had to follow orders from the Captain, make a pirate hat and then write our own instructions on how to make a jam sandwich.

Maths focussed on introducing the children to Multiplication and Division.  They have been learning to count in 2s, 5s, and 10s and thoroughly enjoyed learning about counting in 2s through the song Noah's Arc.  NSPCCs Number day was also a great day for the children to show off their developing maths skills in the Maths Fair with Y6 and also in class as we had a fun afternoon of maths based games. In RE the children learnt about the Parish family and the roles everyone has in the church.  We are now looking at Meals in the lead up to Easter with a focus on The Last Supper.

This half term saw lots of musical activities take place as we had 'Keystrings' music group come and perform for the children and as part of our class celebrations for Chinese New Year we had our own music and dance workshop with lots of ribbon twirling and drumming! The children are now also aware of the calming influence of music through our peer massage programme.  When the hear the music they know it is time for quiet and respect.


Up in the Air Homework Projects

Autumn 2 - What's the same?  What's different?

In this topic the children spent a lot of time exploring our local area of Speke.  We went on a walk around by Morrison's looking at types of houses, buildings, shops and transport we have.  We then explored the Woodlands in our school and used the iPads to photograph natural features which we then turned into posters using Piccollage.  The children then got to compare Speke with Easter Island.  Luckily enough we have Mr Elsworth in school who has visited there to ask questions too and look at his and Mrs Elsworth's photographs. 

This term stated with a focus on Harvest in which we tasted a variety of different fruits and design and made our own fruit salads.  The week finished with Colours day, we wore our own clothes if we brought in a donation and we filled a whole table in class with our tins, bottles and packets so thank you to our families for your huge generosity.  Another highlight of the term was filling our class marble jar.  The children chose a movie as their treat so we transformed our classroom into a cinema complete with Popcorn and settled down to watch a Christmas film.

We have also had a range of visitors during this topic.  Animal Take Over came in during our Science lessons and introduced to the different categories of animals such as Amphibians and Mammals.  Santa video called our class vis Skype.  We used Twitter to tweet him our Christmas messages which he replied too. Hi Impact also came and delivered a coding workshop to year 1.  We have also visited our church St Christopher's and attended the All Saints service.  We finished off the term by performing in 'It's a Nativity', I'm sure all the parents who came enjoyed seeing us sing our class song.  The children had a ball at the class parties and enjoyed the tasty Christmas dinner prepared by our Canteen staff.


Scarecrow homework

Roald Dahl Day - Wednesday 10th November 2016

Roald Dahl Day

The children looked amazing today dressed as characters from Roald Dahl's stories.  We had Mr and Mrs Twit, loads of Matildas, A few Charlie Buckets and Willy Wonkas and a BFG and Sophie. There was also two Enormous Crocodiles in class, which was the book our year group focused their work on today. 

The children got read the story about the crocodile who wants to have a nice juicy child for his lunch and used his clever tricks to try and get them.   However the other jungle creatures foiled his plans and saved the children and Trunky the Elephant threw the Croc into space where he finally sizzled like a sausage on the hot sun. 

After reading the story the children went off and in their English books created a wanted poster to warn other children about the danger of the Crocodile and then we went to the hall and in team we built Crocodile traps and they worked as we caught those two pesky Crocs who had been in our class all day. 

A huge thank you to all our families for your hard work that went into today, we had an amazing time and if you ask us we can tell you all about the characters we met and some facts about Roald Dahl.



Autumn 2 - What's the Same? What's different?

This half term we will be looking at similarities and differences between animals and the place we live with another location.  This topic will take us out and exploring our local area of Speke.  We will also be practising for our school Nativity and preparing for Christmas.  On our return to school we will be focussing on Harvest and looking forward to meeting the Scarecrows you have been busily preparing during the half term holiday.

Family Scarecrow Homework Project

Family Scarecrow  Homework Project 1

​Autumn 1 - Toys

The children have settled well into their new classroom and routines in Year 1.  Our first week was a focus on Improving our Outdoors and Class 1O did this through designing and making fairy inspired gardens that we have placed in our friend Ben's Garden.  The children enjoy playing with these and have created many interesting stories.

Our topic for this half term is Toys and we started our focus by having a Toy Day in Year 1 where the children could bring in their favourite toys to share with their friends.  We have been playing in our class Toy Shop and had a week focussed on Toy Story after watching the film and reading the book.  The children have been learning about Toys in the past and the materials that toys are made from.  Class 1O enjoyed learning to play some old fashioned games like Hopscotch and Bad Egg and were very curious to explore the old toys that we brought into class.  They have been set a homework challenge to find out about the toys their Parents and Grandparents  played.  Our DT project has been to design and make our own moving vehicle which we did using a special Lego style kit.  We will be finishing the topic with a trip to Lego land Manchester on Wednesday 19th October and we are very excited about it.  Thank you very much for all those who have already returned their forms.


Toys homework challenge

Hi Impact coding workshop

Jo Marsden from Hi Impact came to deliver a coding session to the children.  They used the apps 'Kodable' and 'A.L.E.X' and they had to give the characters direction commands in order for them to move them through the mazes and complete the levels. The children had to learn their left and right in order to do this correctly.  Thank you Jo for a real enjoyable morning.

Hi Impact coding workshop - Tuesday 11th October 2016

Our Trip to Legoland Discovery Centre Manchester - Wednesday 19th October 2016