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St Christopher's presents a January Panto of

The Snow Queen 

We are currently working on our production of The Snow Queen. A lucky few will get to visit The Everyman Theatre to watch A rock n roll version before Christmas.

Dates to be confirmed.

Keep working on your lines children!!



Everyman Theatre Hope Street

 Tuesday 11th December.

Children to be collected from the theatre.

Thank you 


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DRAMA IS CANCELLED FRIDAY 4TH MAY. See you all Friday 11th May

Drama is run every Friday   3.15-4.15  for Years 5 and 6 with Mrs Corstin 


We are looking forward to our summer production of Matilda. 


 Performance times and costume information to follow

St Christopher's brings you Roald Dahl's Matilda

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St Christopher's brings you A Christmas Carol, 

Thursday 8th December 7pm!

Thank you to all our stars who have been working hard learning lines for our production of 'A Christmas Carol'. Please make time to research the story, either by reading the Charles Dickens story together or watching one of the many adaptations (Jim Carey, Muppet's Christmas Carol, Scrooged) 


We are hoping to perform Thursday 8th December at 7pm for family. Each child will be given 4 tickets free of charge 


Below I have listed suggested costume ideas. I would like to highlight that we do not want families to go to any expense, but to work with what you already have at home.


Scrooge- Black suit jacket/coat, top hat, white shirt and tie (also bed hat and dressing gown)

Jacob Marley-Grey/black clothes, chains (see image)

Ghost of Christmas Past-White fairy dress, tights, wings (see image)

Ghost of Christmas Present-Long green coat/ dressing gown or cloak, holy wreath for head (see image)

Ghost of Christmas Future-Long, black hooded cloak (see image)

Scrooge’s sister-Night dress and dressing gown

Young Scrooge-dressing gown and bed hat

Jacob Marley dancers-Black leggings or tights, black long sleeved t-shirt or leotard, messy hair

Sugar Plum dancer-White, pink or silver dress with fairy wings

Grave Digger dancers-Black clothes, hooded cloak

Carol singers and all other cast members to wear typical Victorian costumes please see images below.

For girls, a long skirt, shirt and shawl with bonnet, hat or hand muff would suit.

For boys trousers, knee socks, flat cap, shirt and waist coat. 

If you are struggling with a costume please see Miss Hargreaves Thursday or Friday after school. 

Costume Ideas

 Costume Ideas 1 Jacob Marley
 Costume Ideas 2 Ghost of Christmas Past
 Costume Ideas 3 Ghost of Christmas Present
 Costume Ideas 4 Ghost of Christmas Future/grave digger dancers
 Costume Ideas 5 Victorian dress
 Costume Ideas 6 Victorian dress
 Costume Ideas 7 All boys/Tiny Tim
 Costume Ideas 8 Victorian dress
 Costume Ideas 9 Victorian dress

We look forward to seeing you all on the night and thank you for your continued support.

Beauty and the Beast

Tuesday 19th July 7pm

Picture 1

Our Drama children have been working very hard on their end of year production of Beauty and the Beast. We are hoping to perform on Tuesday 19th July at 7pm, tickets will be sent out shortly 4 per child.  We have been busy making costumes as I’m sure you can appreciate this is a challenging aspect of our chosen play.  I have listed below costume ideas, if children could start bringing them to class 1EH in a bag with their name on. 

Beast-Brown trousers/blue jacket/white shirt/yellow tie

Belle-Blue dress/Yellow dress

Lumiere- Yellow clothes

Cogsworth- Brown clothes

Mrs Potts-White clothes

Gaston-Black trousers/red t-shirt/yellow gloves

Baker- Apron / hat

Book seller- Black clothes/Apron

Wolf dancers- Grey leggings/leotard or t-shirt/tail/ears

Be our guest dancers- white or silver clothes

Wardrobe- Pink clothes/cape

Chip-White clothes

Narrators- Black clothes/dress

Enchantress- Pretty dress/shawl

Lafou- Brown clothes/jacket

Maurice-Brown clothes/apron

St Christopher's brings you 'The Grinch' 16th December

                                                                                 St Christopher's brings you 'The Grinch' 16th December  1

Get a head start with costumes

The below are just suggestions, please get inspiration from the movie and the internet. I have provided some images as guidance. Please do not go to unnecessary expense to provide your child with a costume. School will work hard on hair and face paint. 

The Grinch-Green clothes, fur gloves, green beard, red Santa hat

Cindy Lou- Red dress, stripy tights/socks

Mayor-Suit, shirt, cloak

Lou who-bright clothes, hat and scarf

Teacher-Red and Green clothes/stripy tights

All Cast should wear Whoville style and colours with stripes where possible.


I hope you are all busy learning your lines as the night will soon be here.


Our evening production will be 16th December at 7pm-you will be informed if this dates changes

Key costume suggestions


bright, stripy, silly hair, scarf and gloves, fur, boots, ribbons, candy canes...have fun working on your costume. 

Costume Inspiration

Costume Inspiration 1
Costume Inspiration 2
Costume Inspiration 3
Costume Inspiration 4
Costume Inspiration 5
Costume Inspiration 6
Costume Inspiration 7

We have been enjoying role playing some traditional tale characters in preparation for our big summer production of a St Christophers version of Into the Woods. Miss Hargreaves will soon be casting some big parts and working alongside Mr Hints to add great song and dance. We have a tough job to top Peter Pan, but I am confident we can do it.

 Its great to see some new faces!!

St Christopher's goes, 'Into the woods'

singing, dancing and two very ugly sister.


We are in the process of working very hard on our next production. We will be performing a St Christopher’s version of the musical ‘Into the Woods’, a classic tale with a twist.


We are hoping to do one evening performance-date to be confirmed. 

Tickets will be free of charge and available a week prior to the performance.


This will be our current year six’s final performance with us and we hope to send them off on a high with great memories.


Get a head start with your costume


Baker-Trousers/shirt/flat cap

Wife-dress/apron/mop hat

Esmeralda- black dress and cape with hood if possible (witch costume)

Wolf-Wolf mask, jeans, waistcoat, shirt

Little Reds Mother-Dress, apron

Jack-T-shirt, shorts, knee socks, waistcoat, flat cap

Jacks mother-Dress, apron, mop hat

Stepmother-long black dress

Ugly sisters-dress/and wig

Forest dancers (chandelier) Rag doll style costume-knee length black dress or skirt, stripy knee socks or tights (any colour), black or white t-shirt, hair in bunches

Goldilocks-Blue dress/white t-shirt

Bears-brown clothes/bear mask or head piece.

Sleeping beauty/Cinderella- pretty dress.

School will provide costumes for Little Red, Maleficent and the guard 


Get a head start with your costume

 Our Christmas production of Peter Pan was a roaring success. A huge thankyou to all of the staff and parents who helped with make-up and costume. It was a team effort!

Some of our shining stars