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Curriculum overview

  At St. Christopher's Catholic Primary School, our aim is to ensure our children receive a broad and balanced curriculum which is creative, engaging and fun. We aim to develop the whole child  - academically, artistically, physically, spiritually, morally, socially and culturally. We aim to develop a love of learning in our children and to prepare them for their futures as independent, skilled and caring individuals.

 For KS1 and KS2 our curriculum for the foundation subjects is covered as half termly topics which are outlined below. Each topic has links with the children's work in English and maths and begins with an exciting Entry Point. This is an activity which will engage and motivate the children and spark their curiosity for the lessons ahead. Each topic ends with an Exit point which provides an opportunity for all children to 'show what they know'. This may take the form of a presentation to parents, a piece of writing, a showcase of work to another class or perhaps an ICT presentation. In addition, each topic also has a homework project which we hope will provide an opportunity for families to work with their children to deepen their knowledge, skills and understanding.

 Our curriculum includes exciting subject and theme immersion days and weeks which allow a more in depth focus on individual subjects and a variety of enrichment opportunities including visits out and visitors into school. These opportunities are planned for in our Culture map (below).

  You can find more detailed overviews of how each subject is taught by clicking on each of the subject links.

KS1 and KS2 Topic Overview

You can find more detailed information about the National Curriculum, including detailed information about English, Maths and Science for each year group by clicking on the link below;