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Welcome to Class 2H. Mrs Hints is our class teacher and Miss Moore is our support assistant.  We work hard and have lots of fun in 2H.


PE is on a Tuesday. Please can you ensure that your child's school uniform, coat, PE kit and PE bag is clearly labelled with their name.


Book Bags

Please can your child bring their book bag to school everyday as we don't have a set day for reading. Your child will bring home a reading book. Please feel free to write any comments about how they got on in the reading diary. 


Water bottle

Your child can bring water into school in a water bottle with a sports cap. The bottles need to be labelled with your child's name.


Autumn 1

This half term our topic is 'Houses and Homes'.


Autumn 2

This term our topic is 'Traditional tales' 


Spring 1

This half term our topic is 'Forest hunters' 


Spring 2

This half term our topic is 'Treasure island'


Summer 1

This half term our topic is 'Our School' and lots of revision for the up and coming SAT's

Summer 1 

R.E - Spread The Word 

Our current RE topic is 'spread the word'. Within this topic the children in year 2 have had the opportunity to discuss their own personal feelings and experiences of passing on messages. In a class game of 'Chinese whispers' the children experienced the importance  of passing on a message and speaking clearly as well as using good listening skills. Check out the pictures of our game below.


Children thorough out this topic will come to  understand how we can spread the gospel message through the gift of the Holy Spirit. As a class we have talked about how we think the Holy Spirit guides us in our lives and helps us to be the best we can be. 


Children have been learning the story of Ascension when Jesus went back to be with his Father. We recognise this as a Holy day and will be attending Mass to celebrate this day. 


Summer 1. 

Maths - Multiplication and Division 

In Maths we have been rehearsing our multiplication and division skills. Within our lessons we have been carrying out lots of practical work which has included creating groups of items and counting them.  We recognise that repeated addition can work alongside multiplication and have been using stem sentences to show our understanding. Confidence in our counting of 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's has been crucial to our learning and our recent Monday morning times tables tests have helped to support this learning. Keep up the good Maths 2H!

Summer 1 

Art-William Morris-Printing. 

Experimenting with our printing first, allowed us to produce some fabulous final pieces!

Some of us even had a go at using foam board printing and created our own designs. 

Summer 1 

Art-William Morris-printing. 

As a class we thought about all the different tools we could use to print - hands, feet, lego, numicon and leaves. Before deciding on what our final printing piece would consist of we experimented with different forms of printing first. This involved finger printing doily printing and leaf printing. We considered colour, texture and pattern when creating our prints. 

Summer 1 

Art - William Morris - Printing. 

After finding out about the artist we started to look closer at his work. Looking at just a small section of 1 of his pieces the children attempted to imitate the shapes and colours in to their sketchbook. This took real skill as the children had to focus on small detail and add the correct colours to their work. With brilliant results the children really enjoyed this task. 

Summer 1 

Art - William Morris - Printing. 

As part of the Art Curriculum in year 2 children have been looking at the technique of printing. We began by introducing ourselves to the key artist for this unit, William Morris. We carried out some research about him and had a closer look at his work. In our sketch books we made a few  personal notes about his work, such as what we liked and what we think he has done well. The children are becoming a lot more confident at having their opinion of art work and are using a lot more technical vocabulary.  

Summer 1 

English (Meerkat Mail) - We  received a letter in our class from Sunny the Meerkat. He set us a new challenge to look after his Meerkat friend. Sunny wants to know what it is like in St.Christopher's school and has sent his friend along to our class to find out. The Meerkat friend is fitted with a special camera and will hear and see everything that goes on in our school.


When we read about our challenge we got straight to work to carry out some research. We made a list of the classes we would like to visit and agreed that on each visit we would discuss what we liked and disliked about each class. The reasons we made for not liking the class was why we had to return to 2H, just as Sunny did in the story. In small groups we carried out our research. These are the classrooms we visited:







We shared our research collected with each other back  in class and we are going to use this research to write a postcard back to Sunny the Meerkat. Check out the pictures below of us carrying out the research in different classes. 

Summer 1 

English (Meerkat Mail)- Following on from reading the story of Meerkat Mail we spent some time looking at the interactive features of the book - which include various postcards. Sunny the Meerkat visits many different places in the story and always sends a postcard home to his family. However, he can never quite find the right place to live. Taking a closer look at the postcards we created a check list for our working wall. We discovered all the postcards had;

An Address

Who it was to

What the place was like

An interesting fact

A problem

Who it was from

We then enjoyed text marking using different colours and a key to check for these features. When we write our own postcards we will use this check list. 


Summer 1 

English (Meerkat Mail) - In our English lessons we have been introduced to the book 'Meerkat Mail.'A  special delivery arrived over in the dream room for year 2 and we were asked to go and discover what it was. When we looked inside the rucksack we found a number of items including a sun hat, a map,  gloves, a teddy bear and lots of other items. We did not know what was going on....until we arrived back at class to find a letter addressed to class 2H. The letter was from Sunny the Meerkat - the main character in our book. He asked us to be ready to face some new challenges over the next few days. 



What have we got planned for Spring?


Maths - In Maths this term we will be using money.

Recognising the value of different coins, Using different coins to make the same totals, Completing bar models, Solving word problems and making set amounts.


English - In English this term we will begin with creating our own simile Poems based on Spring.

This will involve creating mind maps, using different technical vocabulary and researching  a range of different poems in order to inspire us. 


Science - In Science this term we will be looking at 'Plants'. 

We will enjoy sharing our prior knowledge of the topic as well as recognising the different features and jobs of a plant. Children will have the opportunity to carry out some  outdoor learning in which they will look for different plants and make comparisons.  To identify what plants really need to grow children will carry out an investigation planting seeds and observe them over a period of time. 


Geography - In geography this term we will be using world maps, atlases and globes to identify the United Kingdom and its countries. We will use basic Geographical vocabulary to refer to key physical features such as hill, forest, mountain, valley and vegetation. 

What have we got planned for Spring?

P.E - In P.E this term  we will be doing gymnastics in which the children will have the opportunity to master basic movements including running, jumping, throwing and catching as well as developing balance, agility and coordination. 


History - In History this term we will be looking at an important event which is beyond living memory but significant - The Great Fire Of London.

Autumn 2


It's a Nativity!


Key Stage 1 have been rehearsing for our annual Nativity. Today we performed for the whole school. We are excited to perform for our parents.

Look how good we look in our costumes!

Safety week W/C 9th October.


This week we have been looking at Keeping safe.We started the week with a visit from a lady called Helen from the NSPCC. Helen introduced us to 'Buddy' the speech bubble. Buddy was a reminder to us that when things aren't going well or we feel like we need to talk we must let an adult know.


Monday - Relationships.

In 2H we talked about safe relationships and what makes a safe relationship. We listed the people in our lives that we can trust and that keep us safe. Using play dough we made models of these people.  



Tuesday - World of drugs.

Today we spent time finding out about different drugs/ medicines and their uses. We recognised their dangers and discussed when and who might need to use them. Looking carefully at packets and bottles we read the different information and warnings provided. 

Some us completed a group tally chart of information in which we discussed who has had broken bones, visited a doctor and had to take medicine. As a class we then shared our findings and conclusions. 


Some of us used our new learning to read sentences of information and stick the correct images alongside.



Red table enjoyed creating a fact sheet about the safety of medicines and drugs. The fact sheets included information about where medicines should be kept, who should aminister them and the do's and don'ts.




In our English lessons we have just had our Entry point to Traditional Tales. It was lovely to see so many children make the effort to come to school dressed as a Traditional tale character. We enjoyed parading in our costumes and writing descriptions. Every day we are reading Traditional tales and building a good bank of stories. We are looking forward to writing our own traditional Tale with a twist. 


Maths- Number


This unit of Maths work is based on Number. We have been counting in 2's, 3's,5's and 10's. We are also looking at the value of numbers and odd and even numbers. Children in 2H are learning to write, read and record numbers as numerals and as words. 


Maths - Addition and subtraction


Over the next few weeks children will be using their skills of addition and subtraction to solve related facts using two and three digit numbers.