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Welcome to Class 5H!

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Thank you for checking out our class web page. On here you will find out about all the exciting things that are happening in our year group. You will also see information about up and coming events such as trips or visitors to school. We hope you enjoy sharing our experiences with us.

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Our current RE topic is Freedom and responsibility.  We will be learning Christians believe that, in Jesus Christ, the world has been reconciled to God. Through and in Christ, every human being is offered the power to reach out in forgiveness and peace, to receive and to offer reconciliation.




The Big Question

How can rules bring freedom?

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PE takes place every Tuesday morning. This half term we are learning athletics. It is important to be prepared and bring in your school kit!

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Welcome back to your final term in year 5.  Soon you will be moving up to be the oldest in our school!


What is happening this term?


In English this term, we will be learning about Roger McGough's poetry, Non-Chronologocal reports and Michael Morpurgo's 'War Horse'.


Roger McGough


We started this unit by looking at who Roger McGough is and we used our knowledge of Kenning poetry to write a Kenning poem about him. Then we studied lots of his poems, looking at their features.  Finally we wrote a poem in the style of Roger McGough.  


In Maths this term, we will be continuing to look at fractions, decimals and percentages, as well as geometry and measures.


Take a look at the fractions fact sheet below for help.


Topics this term.


Growth and change.


In this topic, we will be covering lots of geography and science.  We will be looking at how land is used in our local environment and further afield.  Also, we will look at imports and exports around the world.  We are lucky to have Jaguar right on our door step, who trade with many other countries.


As part of our science, we will be looking at changing materials, living things and life cycles.


Summer term photos

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Topics this term:


In English this term, we will be looking at poetry (Kennings), myths and legends and instructions.



Our first topic lessons were to complete the amazing work we have started on Ancient Greece.  The children took part in debates about whether they would prefer to live in Athens or Sparta and used their arguments to write a persuasive letter expressing their views.  In addition, we looked at whether there was anything we need to thank Ancient Greece for.  The children answered the question: Is it really all Greek to me or should I thank the ancient Greek civilisation for their achievements on the modern, western world I live in?  


Watch this space for some of our amazing work!




The Vikings.


Our next topic of this half term is the vikings.  We will be learning about when they lived, who they were and how they lived.


Firstly, we put the Vikings into a British history timeline so we could see when they lived.  Then we looked at the images we have of the Vikings now and what the biggest secret to their success was.  For this, we looked at how their longboats helped them to become successful.  The children particularly enjoyed interviewing 'Sven - a famous Viking boat builder'.  Next we will be looking at whether the Vikings were actually vicious invaders or simply settlers.





Our maths topics this term are written multiplication and division, area and perimeter and fractions.


We are starting with written multiplication and division.  Below are the strategies we will be using:



Grid multiplication.                                                                     

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 Column multiplication


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Bus stop division


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Swimming takes place every Monday afternoon during the Autumn term. Please make sure your child has their kit for this important lesson.

The Highwayman

We used Talk for Writing to learn The Highwayman, a narrative poem by Alfred Noyse. We performed it for the school in assembly. We also wrote our own modern day versions with the tale set in Speke or Liverpool. It was great fun. Have a look at our photos. 

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For maths this term, we will be focusing on everything number!  We know that maths is important for our future and especially number skills.  Therefore, this term we will have a massive focus on number, including place value, basic skills, mental calculations and written calculations.  We are the mathematicians of the future!

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During the first part of the Autumn term we will be doing our 'Journeys' unit.  During this unit, we will look at the formation and features of mountains and volcanoes.  We will study famous mountains and volcanoes around the world and use atlas' to show where these are on a world map. As part of the unit, we will be looking at artistic pictures of volcanoes and creating our own pieces of artwork for display. We are also looking forward to making our own erupting volcanoes!

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In addition to this, we will also be learning about the Earth and space.  We will look at our solar system, the planets, the sun and the moon.  We will learn about the movement of the planets and the moon in relation to the sun.  

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Learning about the phases of the moon.

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We looked at how the moon looks different at different times of the month. To help us understand the phases of the moon we had some fun with jaffa cakes and then recreated the phases using grapes. We also have a moon diary to keep for four weeks as part of our homework.

Full moon, half moon, total eclipse...
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Phases of the moon using grapes...
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Rocket Crash!


We received a very exciting phone call from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). They informed us that an unmanned rocket had crashed somewhere in our school grounds. They asked us to find the crash site and investigate immediately. It was a top secret mission and our findings had to be reported back to NASA ASAP!
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We were so inspired that we made our own rockets and then threw them to see which one would fly the furthest!

Our English unit for this topic will be the story of the Wizard of Oz.  We are looking forward to using our talk 4 writing techniques to help us to learn this story and use it as a model for writing our own journey story.

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Our final topic during the Autumn term is ‘The Ancient Greeks’.  We are planning an exciting entry point to start this topic.  For this, we will have four stations set up and the children will move around the stations so that they complete each task.  The stations we will have are:  Greek food tasting ,  create your name using the Ancient Greek alphabet, design a Greek vase and create a timeline to show when the Ancient Greeks lived.  We have got many other exciting lessons about the Ancient Greeks to come.  Keep an eye out for the pictures to follow at the end of the topic.


We were lucky enough to be joined today by two lovely ladies from the NSPCC. We talked about keeping ourselves safe and what we could do if we ever felt worried or upset about something. We also met Buddy, the mascot!

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Weekly spellings