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Welcome to 4L!


In 4L we work hard, help each other and have lots of fun together!

Our teacher is Mrs Lymath and our learning support assistants are Mrs Robinson and Mrs LaHive.


Our P.E day is Wednesday so please come into school wearing your P.E kit.


We have a weekly spelling test on a Friday so please get practising!  smiley


Please bring a water bottle into school each day as it can get quite warm in school, and drinking water will really help you concentrate - especially in the afternoons!

Below you will find lots of information about our class, including what we have been up to. From March 8th 2021, when all children returned to school, class teachers will be providing work via Class Dojo if children are isolating at home. By clicking on the Learning from Home star you will still find a weekly timetable and other links to support learning

Autumn 1


R.E- Families and Belonging 


This half term we will discuss what makes a family. We will learn how Jesus was part of a historical family just like us. We will explore how families come in all different shapes and sizes and families continue to grow, much like a tree with roots we can not see. 


English- A Setting Narrative and Newspaper Report 

This half term we will be studying how an author uses language for effect, when describing a setting. In English we follow Read to Write, this allows us to explore a wide and rich vocabulary and encourages us to continue to use language for effect in our own work.  


Our book this half term is 'The Whale'

Maths- Place Value 

In addition to our work on place value this half term, we will also start each day with flashback 4. This will allow us opportunities to recap prior learning and allow our teacher to address any misconceptions. We will also be rehearsing our times tables daily, which will help us during our weekly test each Friday.


It is in year 4, all children will take part in the government multiplication check (more information to follow in the spring term) 



Our big question is...

What is the climate and why does it change?


Each week we will explore a different question. 


Lesson 1: Are weather and climate the same thing?

Lesson 2: The UK and Chile: why do they have different climates?

Lesson 3: What four different climate zones is the Earth divided into?

Lesson 4: What is a biome and how are they shaped by the climate?

Lesson 5: Why do different areas have different sorts of vegetation?

Lesson 6: Is climate change affecting the UK?


Vocabulary: annual, area, atlas, biome, coast, continent, latitude, longitude, North Pole, precipitation, region, South Pole, temperate, thermometer, desert, evolved, humidity, lichen, moss, polar, rainfall, sedges, sub-tropical, tropical, weather



This half term, supported by our reading, we will be learning about living things and their habitats. We will explore food chains and food webs. 



This half term we are studying Claude Monet. We will experiment with water colours to recreate Monet's famous water lilies painting.

Reading- Steps to read 

In year 4 we enjoy daily whole class reading sessions, following steps to read. Our texts link well with our other curriculum studies. This half term we are reading a wide selection of fiction and non fiction about living things and their habitats. We know that our reading will support our studies in Science and provide us with a a wider range of knowledge in our own creative writing based on the text 'The Whale' 

Natwest money lessons


Natwest bank are providing live maths/money lessons every Monday.  They also have lots of free, fun and interactive learning activities and games, which are a great way of way of introducing money topics at home.  CLICK HERE to find out more.


In addition to our English lessons, we will be doing lots of grammar, handwriting and spelling. Weekly spellings will be given out each Monday to be tested on Friday. 


Here are some useful websites to practise your English skills at home:


BBC Bitesize English 

Spelling Frame

Literacy Shed

This term, we will be learning to add, subtract, multiply and divide larger numbers using different written and mental methods. We will be learning to measure length, area and perimeter. We will also be looking at fractions. 


Every morning, the children will do maths based wake up work so please be here on time! Children will be given times table tests to do each week also.


Here are some useful websites to practise your maths skills at home:


BBC Bitesize Maths

Maths Shed

Top Marks Maths Games