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School Council

Our school council has been an integral part of our school community for many years. The council provide the young people with a voice.

They have been involved in many important decisions over the years and worked on a number of projects.


Each September the children vote in their classes for a School Councillor - someone who is approachable and will be able to share the views of the class with others. The children attend regular meetings to discuss important issues and generate ideas to help improve their school. Our fantastic school councillors also act as ambassadors for St. Christopher's.

"I wanted to be a school councillor because I want to be a role model for others. I love it because I get to meet lots of new people and make a difference. This year, we have got lots of new playground equipment because of the school council. I have also been able to show our Chinese visitors around our school and spend the day with them and I have shown headteachers from other school around St. Christopher's. I am very proud to be a school councillor."

Tyler Y5 School Councillor

Our School Council 2018/19

Our School Council 2018/19 1 Y6 Councillors
Our School Council 2018/19 2 Y6 Councillors
Our School Council 2018/19 3 Y5 Councillors
Our School Council 2018/19 4 Y4 Councillors
Our School Council 2018/19 5 Y3 Councillors
Our School Council 2018/19 6 Y2 Councillors