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Welcome to Year 5!

We are looking forward to the year ahead. There are lots of exciting things planned for Year 5. Keep an eye out on our class pages for information, examples of children's amazing work, photographs and any news of special events.


Teachers: Mrs Hall and Miss Doyle

Learning Support Assistants: Mrs Stanley 

PPA teacher: Miss Magill

Below you will find lots of information about our class. This will include information on the Year 5 curriculum, our school schemes, reading book days, PE days, homework and water bottles. We will update the website regularly and notify you of any important dates for your diary. Information about lessons and current work will also be provided through Class Dojo.


Anything that you wish to share or talk about, please message us on Class Dojo. We endeavour to regularly check all messages and we will reply as soon as we can. Any absences should be phoned through to the school office.

We are here for your children, and we will always listen.


Book bags/Reading books

Reading books will be changed regularly. Please send your child's book bag/reading book to school with them as often as possible.  We encourage that you ask your child questions about their book and that you encourage your child to ask their own questions. It is important to develop comprehension skills, as it supports your child with reading and writing. We encourage you to visit our amazing local library to expand your child’s knowledge and love of books.





The Spelling Shed, Maths Shed and TT Rockstars

Your child will be bringing home a password. This will enable them to log onto the spelling shed, maths shed and TT Rockstars. We will set a variety of fun activities on this site for you to share at home with your child.





Our PE day this year is Wednesday. Please ensure that your child comes to school in their PE kit on Wednesdays. 

The school PE kit is available from Lazer School Wear, St Mary's Road in Garston. This is a red

t-shirt with the school badge and blue school shorts. However, your child can wear a plain red t-shirt and dark blue shorts that are available from most supermarkets. The children can wear any training shoes for PE.

This is part of our school uniform and must be worn for PE lessons.

Football kit and other sportswear will not be allowed.



Water Bottles

There are studies to say, that drinking water and being well hydrated, improves the mood, memory, and attention in children. We would ask that you send in a water bottle for your child each day. We request that your child brings in water only and not juice or fizzy drinks. The children will have access to their water throughout the day.



Year 5 Curriculum Overview

Religious Education

The first theme in our Come and See is Domestic Church: Ourselves. 

We will be thinking about the Big Question- Who am I and where do I come from?

The children have already thought about their own talents and qualities and written beautiful poems about them. We have also considered what it means to be one of God's Holy People.



We will be looking at the topic of 'Changes in Friendship' during our Personal, Social and Health Education sessions this half term.


This term year 5 are using a text called, 'Where Once We Stood'. This fascinating book is all about the moon landings. We have been finding out about Neil Armstrong (the first man who stepped foot on the moon).

We are going to use this text to help us write flashback stories about our own journeys into space. Later in the term, we will be writing a report about landing on another planet.


This term, before starting our place value unit, year 5 completed a week of inspirational maths challenges. It was important that we started our year 5 maths journey with a positive attitude. These challenges encouraged us to reason mathematically whilst solving problems as well as being interesting, fun, engaging, inclusive and stimulating. The children really enjoyed the week of inspirational maths challenges and it certainly helped with a ‘I can do maths’ attitude!

After completing our inspirational maths challenges, it was time to build on our knowledge from year 4. This term year 5 will be completing our place value unit, allowing the children to read, write and recognise the value of each digit in a number. We are going to use this knowledge to help us solve place value problems, partition numbers and demonstrate numbers using a variety of representations such as bar models, part-whole models and number lines. We are looking forward to see what the children can achieve!


Our Science this half term is linked to our English. The topic is: Earth, Moon and Sun. We will be looking at the solar system, phases of the moon, shadows and the sun during different times of the day. We will also research a famous scientist who has contributed to this area.


Year 5 will be studying The Ancient Greeks this term. Keep an eye out for our fantastic work later in the term!


Our first Geography topic will be all about Global Trade. Look out for information and examples of work later in the term.

Art and Design

Our first art project will involve looking at DRAWING and PHOTOGRAPHY using Degas as an initial influence. 

Edgar Degas painted ballerinas. He was fascinated with how they moved and tried to capture this in his work.


We looked at images showing different kinds of dancing such as Street Dance. We studied the shapes and movement that these street dancers manage to create with their bodies.

One way of depicting movement in a still picture is to use repeated images. This gives the illusion of the person moving across the page. We used different art medium to create these images.

Design Technology

Our topic for D.T this term links brilliantly with our upcoming History lessons. The theme is Celebrating Culture and Seasonality. We will do this by designing, preparing and making delicious Greek food. This includes making our own pitta breads from scratch to eat alongside home-made Greek salad and tzatziki. Look out for photos later in the term. 

Physical Education



Our first unit in PE is athletics. The children will be developing their sprinting, jumping and throwing skills. Connor, the coach, will be taking 5D for PE this half term. Please make sure your child comes into school every Wednesday in their PE kit.



The children will continue with their Latin lessons this year, building on their skills and knowledge from Year 4.