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Are you doing your maths homework at home and can't remember how you are supposed to answer the question? Or, is someone helping you at home but they can't remember how they did it at school so they can't explain it to you?


Well, help is here. For every year group, there is a prompt sheet, explaining each objective in your year group. Each prompt sheet gives you an example of how you might answer the question. If you need any more help, always come back into school and ask your class teacher.  

Maths at Home


Below are some practical ideas to help your child with maths at home:

  • Play games such as snakes and ladders that allow opportunities for counting, adding and subtracting.
  • Playing dice games.
  • Count everyday objects such as stairs, tins, pieces of fruit etc.
  • Ask your child to give you one more or one less of something.
  • Ask your child to take half of the objects.
  • Look for, recognise and read numbers whilst out and about, for example on car registration plates.
  • Count in steps other than one, for example in 5’s around a clock, in 2’s using pairs of socks etc.
  • Practise times tables regularly.
  • Look for shapes around the house or when out, for example, ask your children what shape the plate is or what shape the kitchen roll is.
  • Sing songs together about shapes and numbers.
  • Ask your child to add up the total or two things in a shop and think about what coins they will need to pay for it.
  • Ask your child to pay for something in the shop and think about how much change they would get.
  • If you go into a shop with a sale on, ask your child to work out the new price of an item, for example how much is this now there is 50% off?
  • Allow your child to help you cook, encouraging them to weigh out ingredients using scales.
  • Ask children questions about the time, for example what time is it now? What time will it be in 5/10 minutes?
  • Using a television magazine, work out how long certain programmes are on for.
  • Using bus/train timetables, work out the journey times between different destinations.