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KIRFs (Key instant recall facts) are the number facts that children need to know in order for them to build their understanding of maths.  Key Instant Recall Facts are what underpins much of the mental maths knowledge that children are required to know throughout their learning journey. This includes working with the four mathematical operations, telling the time and more. 


Instant recall of facts helps enormously with mental agility in maths lessons. When children move onto written calculations, knowing these key facts is very beneficial. For your child to become more efficient in recalling them easily, they need to be practised frequently and for short periods of time.


Over their time at primary school, we believe that - if the KIRFs are developed fully - children will be more confident with number work, understand its relevance, and be able to access the curriculum much more easily. They will be able to apply what they have learnt to a wide range of problems that confront us regularly


Each half term, children will focus on a Key Instant Recall Fact (KIRF) to practise and learn.  The facts that they will learn can be found below.