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Change can be a very positive thing but can also be a very nervous time for children (and adults). The fear of the unknown can make people anxious. Moving to a new year group can be one of these times for children. Therefore, we work hard to ensure that strategies are in place to aid transition and prepare children for the next year in their school journey.

Starting School

Starting in Reception is a very exciting time for children and we always hold our Teddy Bear's Picnics in the Summer term before they start. This is a perfect chance for the children to meet their new teachers and make new friends even before they start. The children hear about all of the fun things that they have to look forward to in September and those children who haven't been at St. Christopher's Nursery also get the chance to visit the school and their new classroom.

Transition Visits to New Classes

Each Summer, we organise our transition visits. This is a time when children are able to meet their new teachers and visit their new classrooms ready for September. The children hear about all of the fun things they have to look forward to in the next year and work together on a task to create a display ready for the new year. This means that as soon as the children enter their new classroom, they can see their work displayed and hopefully feel a sense of belonging.

Keep an eye out below for photographs of this Summer's transition sessions.

Year 6 Transition to Secondary School

Year 6 take part in many different activities to prepare them for the move onto their secondary schools. Our Summer term PSHE unit is focused on 'Change' and dispelling some of the myths about secondary school and equipping the children with strategies for coping with change. The children all take part in their secondary school transition visit, when they spend a day at their new school. In addition our children also take part in the Merseytravel Year 6 Transition Day. This is a fun day, including a trip on the bus, train and ferry and to the Merseytunnel tour. However, it also includes very important messages about how to travel safely to secondary school, what to do if you get lost or lose your money or pass and the importance of behaving safely and respectfully on public transport. Year 6 teachers also meet with the children's new teachers to ensure that all relevant information is passed on and the transition is as smooth as possible.

Year 6 Mersey travel Transition Day