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Lessons 1-3

Imagine you have a special camera (like the Cameraluna in Malamander) think about what you would see looking through it at night.


1. Create a spider diagram about all the things you might see.

2.  Think of adjectives to describe the things you might see.

3. Create expanded noun phrases to describe these things.

4. Recap the features of a diary entry,

5.  Write a diary entry about all the things you see through your camera during the night.  This could be one night or stretch yourself and write a sequence of entries.

Lesson 4

This lesson is all about verbs and verb tenses.  Work through the PowerPoint, which recaps verbs.  When it gets to the slide saying read chapter 7 of Malamander, this part of the lesson can be done using a chapter of any book you have at home.