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With many of our children at St Christopher's, as well as other school around the country, having to self-isolate due to COVID-19 ( Coronavirus) we want to make sure that the children are still learning while at home. have a fantastic website that offers lots of wonderful resources and ideas. We have downloaded some of the activities to keep your child(ren) busy and learning while they cannot attend school. You can find them below.

Websites and activities for home learning



Hi Nursery,

Miss Walker here :)


I hope you are all okay and having fun learning and playing at home with your family.


I'm missing you all lots.


Have fun doing some of these activities.

Speak again soon. 

Bye bye for now.


x x x

Welcome to Nursery


Our teacher is Miss Walker and our Higher Level Teaching Assistant/Nursery Nurse is Cindy.

We are lucky to have the support of Miss McCormack on Thursday and Friday mornings, and Tash at dinner time and during afternoon activities.


We always try our best and have lots of fun while we learn through play!


The Early Years (EYFS) curriculum focuses on the learning and development of the whole child. See the link for development matters below. 

Outdoor Learning


Outdoor learning is an important part of the early years curriculum so the children spend a lot of time outside. Please ensure your child has suitable clothing for the changing weather e.g. a cap for sunny days or a suitable coat, hats, scarves, gloves etc. as the weather gets colder. Thank you.


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Home/School Link


Your child will be given a reading book to take home each week to share together. It is a great opportunity to develop their speaking and listening skills and imagination.


This will be provided with a Key Worker book and activity book where parents and teachers can communicate about the child's development. The teachers will provide activities and next steps for your child to work on at home with your support. 

Upcoming dates this half term:


Current RE topic






This topic is all about how we celebrate the birth of babies and our birthdays each year. This leads us on to learning about the birth of Jesus on Christmas day which fits in with our Nativity rehearsals. 



We will be thinking of how we can make our new friends feel happy and welcome when they come to Nursery. We will be learning about Baptism and how this special occasion welcomes us into God's family. 

If you have any photographs of your child's Baptism we would love to see them!



We have been learning all about the festival of Hanukkah and how special it it for Jewish people. 

We looked at the Menorah, and made and enjoyed pancakes to think about the special celebration. 




During RE sessions we learn to be a good friend, care for others and follow in the ways of Jesus. We are very respectful of our 'prayer table' which the children know is an important area within the Nursery to think about God. 


We are learning how 'precious' we are to God and thinking about our names. We have found our names in many differnt areas of Nursery and know that they are very special. 



Phonics is a very important aspect of the Early Years curriculum which supports the children with their reading and writing skills ready for school. We focus on Phase 1 in Nursery with some aspects of Phase 2. Attached is the link to the 'Letters and Sounds' document,





Here are some phonics games to play and support your child with.

Spring 2


This haf term our new topic is 'Change'. We will be learning how different tthings change such as ourselves, plants and animals. 


Our new story that we will base lots of activities on is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' by Eric Carle. We may even get to meet some special guests very soon!


To begin our topic we made pancakes to celebrate 'Pancake Day'; following instructions to mix all of the ingredients together. 




We were so excited to see that we had some visitors into our Nursery this week......caterpillars!!! As our new focus story book is 'The Very Hungry Caterpillar' and our new topic is change, we can't wait to see how our own caterpillars change into butterflies. 


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Spring 1


This half term in Nursery we have been focusing on the topic of ‘homes’. We have been reading the stories ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and ‘Where’s Spot’ to base lots of our activities around. 


We used 2D shapes to make our own homes and found our door number to add to the front. We have also spent some time on adding and subtracting by playing games; recognising how amounts change.


Our first week back after the Christmas holidays was all about keeping safe whichj the children really enjoyed! 


We have been having a focus on Chinese New Year; making dragons, role playing in the Chinese restaurant and even trying some Chinese food! 


We have a fun filled few weeks!   

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NSPCC Number Day


We had a focus on 'sharing' through the story 'The Doorbell Rang'. The children loved sharing out cookies to eat. 

Autumn 2


This half term is a really exciting one in Nursery in the build-up to Christmas.

Our topic is 'Senses' which we will base lots of fun activities around including food tasting, colour mixing, playing with different textures and exploring in the school forest. 

In maths we are focussing on positional language, comparing quantities and shapes and patterns. 

Our new storybook is the brilliant 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt', which both the children and adults love to read!


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After lunch we found muddy paw prints in our Nursery so we had to go on a hunt around school to find some clues as to who left them. We asked teachers and children who told us what they found. Charlie and Terry in Year 5 told us they saw something big running down the corridor and Mrs Harrop found some fur on the floor. We used these clues to find that it was........A BEAR! 
Nursery Christmas Party

Visit from Santa and his Elves


In Nursery we were surprised by a visit from some of Santa's Elves all the way from the North Pole! We put our letters to Santa in an envelope, put a stamp on and posted it in a special post box.



We began learning all about our senses through a carousel of activities relating to each sense. We tasted and smelt food without being able to see, listened to sounds on the interactive whiteboard, used a feely bag to guess what was inside using only our hands and looked around nursery trying to find different toys. 

Outdoor Learning Day


This week we celebrated 'Outdoor Learning Day' by doing outdoor based activities which the children loved! Our focus was 'wild art'; using natural materials to create pictures. We ventured off in search of wild materials in the Nursery garden, the school 'forest' and even into the garden on the 'big' yard. Take a look at some of our work.

Autumn 1


This half term is very exciting in Nursery as it is the time where we all get to know our new teachers and friends. We will spend time exploring and investigating in our new classroom and finding out all about ourselves.


Our first main topic is all about 'Myself' where the children will engage in a variety of creative activities to base their learning on. We will be linking these activities to the story 'Come on, Daisy' 

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We were shocked to find puddles left in our Nursery with the children questioning, 'how they got here' and 'who left them?' We followed the trail to find Daisy Duck from our new 'Talk 4 Writing' story!  

During maths sessions we will be working with numbers to 10, sorting and using the language of size, and focussing on the shapes; square, circle, triangle and rectangle. 


Here are some websites to support you at home.

Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes


As our topic is 'Myself' we were singing all about our bodies and learning the many different body parts we have. We drew around Orla Nursery 1 and Freddie Nursery 2 before labelling them. 

Parent/Carer Information Meetings


Thank you to all the parents and carers that came to meet the teachers and see their child's work. The children were very excited to show you around their classroom. 



We are loving learning how to use and move our new robot 'Sphero' with the Ipad. The children found it so funny watching as it rolled towards each other and bumped into our furniture. 

We have been having lots of fun making new friends and settling back into the routines on Nursery. Take a look at the other exciting activities we have been doing in our first few weeks. 

Come back and visit Nursery's page soon! smiley

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