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Welcome to the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)page.

The EYFS at St Christopher’s consists of two part time nursery classes taught by Miss Walker and Cindy and two Reception classes RO (Miss O'Connor, Miss Finlay and Miss McCormack) and RDH (Mrs Domagala, Miss Harrald and Miss Lamb). 

The staff plan lessons and activities that give the children opportunities that are lead by children’s interests to learn through play both inside and out.  To help the children progress and develop through the Early Years framework.(Early Years Framework 2021 ). We use the non statutory guidance to help plan activities and support how children learn.

Children may also have the opportunity to access Forest school sessions led by Mrs Baxter (EYFS Manager) during their time in Reception. Here they learn a variety of skills from using tools, den building and lighting fires, which promote self esteem, resilience, team work and problem solving.


Curriculum overview/ long term plan.


At St. Christopher Catholic Primary school our long term plans and curriculum overview focuses on the use of Early Years  Framework 2021 and ensuring that each child makes progress. This is done through relevant planning, which takes into consideration the interests and experiences of the children and assessment.

Topics and themes are based around children's interest and the needs of the children. Previous planning, observation, assessment and the use of floor books and mind maps allow teachers to plan using their knowledge of children’s development, their interests and next steps. Mind maps (medium term plans) can be added to and adapted to suit the needs of the children and the lines of development/ interests the children take. Topics or themes are therefore not put into place over a certain number of weeks, rather they are delivered until either they run their course or the children pick up on a new interest.

To ensure children are progressing, teacher’s aim to plan and deliver stimulating, interesting and challenging lessons, which are enjoyable, fun and accessible to all. Plans and activities show differentiation and to ensure all aspects of the curriculum are delivered. t

The EYFS policy can be found on the policy page of this website.

EYFS focus area/ content document


When your child starts nursery or school they will be given a key worker.

What is a key person?

Your child will be given a key person in school. This will be someone who works closely with your child.

Their role is to:

Build relationships and communicate.

Their aim is to work alongside parents, listening, valuing and sharing their wishes.

It gives children the opportunity to express their feelings and emotions with a person they fell secure and safe with.

Key workers aim to foster and maintain healthy emotional attachments with the child and tune into their changing needs and requirements.


Key persons encourage independence through an engaging and stimulating environment.

They respect the rights of the child, advocating the children’s wishes, feelings and needs.




Key persons aim to provide a link between home and school.

To offer comfort and reassurance.

To maintain familiarity while offering challenge and support

To plan for children’s individual needs to be met.

A key person is someone a child can trust, feel safe with and therefore develop and learn.

They will share with the child’s family what has been happening in school and listen to what has been happening at home.



See our EYFS class pages to find out what we have been doing in Nursery, RDH and RO.