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Student Council

Our council has been an integral part of our school community for many years. The council provide the young people with a voice.

They have been involved in many important decisions over the years and worked on a number of projects.


Each September the children vote in their classes for a Councillor - someone who is approachable and will be able to share the views of the class with others. The children attend regular meetings to discuss important issues and generate ideas to help improve their school. Our fantastic councillors also act as ambassadors for St. Christopher's.


2019/20 Student Council Activity:

The first decision our Council made was to change the name from 'School Council' to 'Student Council' as the children felt this was a more appropriate title, reflecting the children's involvement.

Next we obtained some funding from school and the PTA in order to purchase playground equipment, using questionnaires to identify our playground equipment needs. 

The Year 5 Student Councillors looked up orders in catalogues taking into account value and price.

Our Student Council 2019/20