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Lesson 1 - What are nouns?  Click on the link for BBC Bitesize.  Complete all of the activities about nouns.
Lesson 2 - Nouns.  this link will take you through more noun activities to help you learn about different types of nouns.  Complete the activities on the link.

Lesson 3 - Read a chapter from your book.  Make a list of any nouns.  Can you group these into common nouns and proper nouns?  Remember proper nouns need a capital letter. 

Then write sentences.  Your sentences must contain a noun, adjective and verb and need to be punctuated correctly.



Lesson 4 - What are adverbs?  Click the link below to find out about adverbs and complete the task on the site.  Then use your sentences from yesterday and 'up level' them by adding in an adverb.

Lesson 5 - Using possessive apostrophes.  Click the link below to learn about possessive apostrophes and complete the tasks.