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The New Maths Curriculum


In 2014, Year 1, 3, 4 and 5 began the new Maths National Curriculum. In 2015, Year 2 and 6 also began to follow the maths programmes of study. The National Curriculum Maths has now been set into 4 different domains in Year 1 - 5 and 6 different domains in Year 6:

  • Number,
  • Measurement,
  • Geometry,
  • Statistics,
  • Ratio and proportion (Y6 only) and
  • Algebra (Y6 only).


In St Christopher's, we are following the White Rose Maths plans alongside the Liverpool calculation policy. Within these maths plans, we plan, deliver and assess the objectives through daily maths lesson, basic skills and through continuous coverage of calculation skills. 


Below you will find our long term plan, year group objectives (including White Rose yearly overviews), progression maps, basic skills objectives, continuous objectives and a copy of the Maths National Curriculum.

Basic Skills

Basic skills are taught on a daily basis. The sessions are used to revisit and consolidate key skills that have already been taught. Through these sessions, it provides children with the opportunity to form a solid and deep understanding of key skills. This in turn will give children a greater benefit in applying these essential skills in problem solving, investigations, reasoning and in different contexts outside of the maths lesson.


As part of basic skills, children also do C@N (calculating at nine) three times per week.  This focuses basic number skills, mainly addition and subtraction for Key stage 1 and on multiplication and division skills for key stage 2.

Maths National Curriculum