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Geography at St. Christopher's 

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Geography is the study of places and the relationships between people and their environments. At St. Christopher's, Geography is all about enquiry, knowledge and geographical skills.  It is taught through a topic-based curriculum in which we start with a 'big question'. Throughout the topic, we use research, fieldwork and map skills to develop our knowledge and understanding in order to answer the 'big question'.


The objectives we cover in our Geography topics are taken from the National Curriculum. Please click the link below to take a closer look.


Geography National Curriculum


Our Geography Curriculum Yearly Overview


 Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Year 1

The Seasons  

(including weather) 

Speke and Beyond  

Continents and Oceans

Year 2Coasts Liverpool and Quindao Australia 
Year 3Contrasting Counties 


(including the Water Cycle) 

Year 4

The Environment 

(including climate zones and biomes) 

The United States of America 


Year 5

Global Trade 

(including natural resources) 

Extreme Earth 

South America 

(including Biomes and the Amazon Rainforest) 

Year 6Speke and Changes in Land Use


(Pacific Ocean and Galapagos Islands) 



Here's our Geography Progression Map for children in Key Stage 1 & 2

Year Two's Coasts Topic

Year Three's Contrasting Counties Topic