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The Computing Curriculum

At St. Christopher's we have a variety of fantastic tools to access the computing curriculum. Our children use  Google Chromebooks and iPads to access a wide selection of educational apps.  Our teachers apply ICT across the topics taught in school and identify opportunities  where technology can enhance learning. Coding and programming are taught in line with the expectations of the new national curriculum through Code Studio which allows children to code and program at their own pace and enables us to identify good progress.


The iPads and Chromebooks we use in school have also been set up so that the range of apps available are all linked to specific areas of learning or topics that will be taught throughout the year. 


This Summer we will deliver some creative and engaging lessons which will be designed to enhance whatever topics children are learning about in their classes.  We will utilise existing technology that we have in school, such as virtual reality headsets and other immersive technologies which will take us to different environments and enrich our curriculum.