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Who's Who

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Head Teacher                                       

Mrs N. Harrop - Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mental Health First Aider


Assistant Head Teachers

Mrs C. Baxter - Deputy Safeguarding Lead, EYFS Lead, Acting KS1 Lead, First Aider

Mrs L. Chadwick - (currently on maternity leave) Deputy Safeguarding Lead, SENCO, KS1 Lead

Mrs K. Cairns - Deputy Safeguarding Lead, KS2 Lead



Mrs E. Wood

Miss R. O'Connor (support)



Miss L. Walker - Nursery

Miss R. O'Connor - Reception

Mrs C. Baxter / Mrs E. Domagala - Reception

Ms D. Franklin / Mrs D Hanstock - Year 1 

Mrs R. Metcalfe - Year 1 

Mrs R. Hints - Year 2

Mrs J. Murray - Year 2

Mrs L. Chadwick  - Year 2

Mrs N. Burton  - Year 3

Mr. J. Stevenson - Year 3

Miss A. Johnston- Year 4

Mrs L. Corstin / Mrs K. Elsworth - Year 4

Mrs D. Hall - Year 5

Miss J. Daley - Year 5

Miss H. Doyle - Year 5

Mrs K. Cairns- Year 6 

Mr S. Elsworth- Year 6

Mrs K. Webb - Year 5 and Year 6



Mrs F. Gaskell

Mrs J. Newman

Ms B. Gaskell


Pastoral Team

Mrs M. McNeilis

Mr V. Hall


Site Manager

Mr A. Hollinsworth


Nursery HLTA

Ms C. Boardman 


Learning Support Assistants

Reception - Miss E. McCormack, Miss S. Lamb, Mrs S. Riding & Miss R. Bacon

Year 1 - Miss P. Pemberton, Miss G. Finlay & Miss M. Williams

Year 2 - Miss V. Moore, Miss D. Spencer &  Mrs C. Pownall

Year 3 - Miss V. Hughes & Mrs M. Robinson 

Year 4 - Miss S. Jones, Mrs S. Bird

Year 5 - Mr D. Chadwick, Mrs J. Stanley & Mrs J. La'Hive

Year 6 - Mrs A. Chadwick & Miss C. McGuinness


Cleaning Team

Mrs C. Manning, Mrs. M. Blenkinsop & Mrs. S. Jones


Kitchen Team

Mrs A. Browne

Mrs M. Blenkinsop, Mrs S. McDonough, Mrs C. Naylor & Mrs A. Starkey


Lunchtime Supervisors

Mrs K. Bielecka,Mrs B. Filipiak, Miss M. Williams, Mrs D. Herbert,

Miss V. Hughes, Miss N. Kenny, Mrs J. La'Hive, Mrs C. Manning, Miss C. McGuinness, Mrs A. Moran, Mrs. S. Riding, Mrs. S. Skinner, Miss D. Spencer, Mrs S. Thompson &

Miss M. Williams