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Hello year 2, we hope you are all ok and staying safe.  We are missing you all lots in school, so Mrs Chadwick has recorded a little video message for you.  CLICK HERE to see it.  Hope to see you soon, the year 2 team x

June 2020

Our themed home learning menus will continue to be added weekly to the website.  Each week will be a different theme, but if you would like to spend longer on a theme, that is absolutely fine.  In addition to our theme, we have added some basic skills for that week (maths, reading, phonics etc) to the top of the menu. These are things that children should be practising regularly, so spending a little bit of time on these each day will really help.  We hope you are enjoying the themes and please share any work with us by emailing or on Twiter @ChrissiesSpeke

Home Learning menu Week 12 and Week 13 - Celebrations. The celebrations theme will run for two weeks. In week 1, you will have the opportunity to learn about why and how people around the world celebrate. During the second week, you will be celebrating all of the amazing things you have achieved this year.

Home learning menu - week 11 - Journeys

Home learning menu - week 10 - chocolate

Home learning menu - week 9 - Under the sea

Home learning menu - week 8 - Space

Home learning menu- week 7- What a wonderful world!

With many of our children at St Christopher's, as well as other schools around the country, having to self-isolate due to COVID-19 ( Coronavirus) we want to make sure that the children are still learning while at home. To help with this, we have created a sample timetable for learning at home, which you can find below.


We have created a home learning menu around a certain theme, with a selection of activities that you may want to do at home.  A new menu will be uploaded each week with a different theme.  We hope you enjoy trying some of the activities.


Spelling and Maths Shed will also be updated weekly with different tasks.


Below are English and maths activities that are easy to follow from Hamilton Trust.  They will be added each week so that they are there for you if you need them. 


In addition, there is also a link to the White Rose website.  This is the scheme we use to support our maths planning in school.  The link takes you to their home learning page, which has a series of lesson ideas to follow.


Finally, have a fantastic website that offers lots of wonderful resources and ideas. We have downloaded some of the activities to keep your child(ren) busy and learning while they cannot attend school. You can also find them below.

Sample timetable for home learning

Below are some activities for you to try at home.  We have created a home learning menu with a different theme for each week.  You can do as many of the activities as you like; there is no expectation for you to complete them all.  You might decide to do the same topic over 2 weeks and miss a different topic out and this is absolutely fine!  The activities cover lots of different subjects including English, maths, DT, science, history and geography.  We hope you enjoy the topics and have lots of fun completing the activities.

Home learning - week 6 - half term fun

Home learning menu - week 5 - Dinosaurs

Home learning menu - week 4 - In my Liverpool home

Home learning menu - week 2 - bugs theme

Home learning menu - week 1 - colour theme

Natwest money lessons


Natwest bank are providing live maths/money lessons every Monday.  They also have lots of free, fun and interactive learning activities and games, which are a great way of way of introducing money topics at home.  CLICK HERE to find out more.

English Literacy Counts March 2020

Welcome to Class 2H. Mrs Hints is our class teacher and Miss Lamb is our support assistant.  We work hard and have lots of fun in 2H.
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PE is on a Tuesday. Please can you ensure that your child's school uniform, coat, PE kit and PE bag is clearly labelled with their name.


Book Bags

Please can your child bring their book bag to school everyday as we don't have a set day for reading. Your child will bring home a reading book. Please feel free to write any comments about how they got on in the reading diary. 


Water bottle

Your child can bring water into school in a water bottle with a sports cap. The bottles need to be labelled with your child's name.


Autumn 1

This half term our topic is 'Houses and Homes'.


Autumn 2

This term our topic is 'The Great Fire of London' 


Spring 1

This half term our topic is 'Liverpool and Quingdao' 


Spring 2

This half term our topic is 'A letter to our school'


Summer 1

This half term our topic is 'Plants' and lots of revision for the up and coming SAT's


Summer 2

This half term our topic is 'Keeping Healthy, Keeping Safe'.

Upcoming dates this half term:


Monday 24th February - Children return to school. 

Wednesday 26th February - Ash Wednesday Mass at church 9.30, Parents evening from 3.30.

Thursday 5th March  - World Book Day

Friday 3rd April - Finish for Easter.

Homework Menu:  Every half term, a homework menu will be given out with a selection of tasks to be completed, across all areas of the curriculum.  It is your choice how many you complete, however you must do at least one and hand it in by the end of the half term.  Your completed work will be celebrated.
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Spellings for this week

Children will be given weekly spellings to take home. They will be given them on a Monday and will be tested the following Monday. This will allow the children the chance to rehearse them at home with adult support. Children will be asked to write the words in a mixed up order to ensure the children can spell them correctly. We will send home a spelling slip to let you know how your child has scored. In September all children will be tested on the same spellings in order for us to assess each child's ability. Spellings may well change after the assessment period. 


Children are required to learn their 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's times tables. We will be having lots of opportunities to do this in class using practical resources. As the year goes on children will be tested to see if they can pass the times table challenge. We will send the given set home on a Monday and again they will be tested the following week. 

World Book Day


Year 2 came to school last week dressed as our favourite book characters. Throughout the day we read lots of stories. We used the day to develop our love of reading. We went on lots of reading adventures!

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Reading Event at Very Store.


We were very lucky to be invited to a reading event. This reading event was organised by The VERY store in Speke. They were extremely generous and paid for the bus for us to get there. When we arrived we split up into groups. Each group listened to a story. There were props to help bring the stories to life. We did not return to school empty handed! All of the props were donated to school and we were given lots of new books. Year 2 would like to say a ‘Massive thank you’ for a lovely afternoon and for our generous gifts. We were very lucky to be invited to a reading event. This reading event was organised by The VERY store in Speke. They were extremely generous and paid for the bus for us to get there. When we arrived we split up into groups. Each group listened to a story. There were props to help bring the stories to life. We did not return to school empty handed! All of the props were donated to school and we were given lots of new books. Year 2 would like to say a ‘Massive thank you’ for a lovely afternoon and for our generous gifts.

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A River- English


In Year 2 we have been looking at a new book. We started with a quote from the book and we had to generate ideas to find out what it could be. We came up with lots of ideas.  Our book is called ‘A River’. We are looking at the pattern of the story and the vocabulary used. We are going to start to plan our own writing based around this book.

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Science- SOUND


For our science work, we have been looking at sound. The children have looked at how sound travels in waves. The children have investigated how the volume of the sound decreases as they move away from the source. The children loved planning, predicting and recording their investigation.

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Maths- Fractions.


In maths we are starting to look at fractions. The children are splitting things into halves and quarters. The children are looking at making sure they are equal.

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Geography- Map work


For Geography we are looking at ‘Our school’. Using Google Maps and Digimaps we have located our school and the surrounding features. We have been looking at postcodes and recognising why postcodes are us

Coding- workshop.


For the last few Friday’s Year 2 have been very fortunate to work with a company called EDUCONNECT. During our workshop, Mr Hughes taught us words to help us when coding. These words allowed us to program Cody the Caterpillar with algorithms. The children then added their own algorithms to Cody and watched him move. The children became coding super stars throughout the session.


Maths- Number

This unit of Maths work is based on adding and subtracting first before we move on to multiplication and division. We will look at lots of different ways to help us find the answer. We will use a range of resources. 


English- The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch

We are starting to look at changing the story to make it into our own version. We are using all our vocabulary from our topic work. 


RE- Signs and Symbols

Through this theme we will explore the Christian Baptism and the signs and symbols used.


RE- Preparing


Through this theme we will look at the Christmas story. We will discuss how we as Christians prepare for the season of Advent.



During this unit of work we will explore and compare the differences between lots of materials. We will look at each materials properties. Our investigation will look at suitable materials for a house.


History- The Great Fire of London

Here the children will learn about a key historical event in British History. The children will have an opportunity to learn facts and then come to their own judgement. The children will take part in a court scene to interview key witnesses. 


PE- Games

This half term our PE lessons will be learning new skills to use during an invasion game. We will look at the rules and the tactics we need. 




Safety Week


This week we have been looking at safety. 

We started by looking at Safety for ourselves. Through this we looked at people we trust and know can help us.

We then looked at Safety around the home. We found out how to ensure our houses are safe.

On Wednesday we had a big focus on road safety. We were looking at how to make sure we were safe on foot and also in the car. 

Thursday's focus has been on e safety. We learnt some valuable lessons from Smartie the Penguin. 

Friday's focus has been looking at medicines and the uses and dangers of them. The children have created posters to help people stay safe. 

Imitate the Story


Our class text is 'The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch.' To help us retell the story and then change it we have been thinking of actions. These actions help us remember all the key parts of the story. Here we are doing some of the actions. See if you can guess what the action is.

Reading for pleasure


We had the opportunity to spend some time in the dream room. This was for us to develop our love for reading. This allowed us to spend time sharing books and an opportunity for some story role play. We loved exploring reading more! 

PE- Gymnastics


This half term we have been working on our gymnastics skills. We have developed our skills. We have learnt lots of movements, a roll and a balance. 


For our exit point we had to perform a routine. Each routine had to include a movement, a roll and a balance. 

RE- Baptism


Year Two have been over to church to remember the Sacraments of Baptism. We decided to role play a Baptism service. Once we had picked our parents the children were able to name the child and pick their own godparents. Father Ed carried out the service and explained the meaning of each sign or symbol. We ended our time by praying the 'Our Father' together.  

Maths- Checking calculations.


Today we have been checking our calculations for addition and subtraction. We have used a range of resources and strategies  to check the answer. Here we are using the strategies and resources. 



In one of the phonics groups this week they have been learning new sounds. To help them remember these sounds the children have made the letters using play dough. The children then made some simple words with them.

Maths- Counting in 5's


Year 2 have been busy learning how to count in 5's. We have been using our hands to help us. Here we are sorting them into an order.

Share a story session


We welcomed our families in to school to share a story. We had lots of activities to complete which included home reading books, story sacks and writing games. It was a lovely session and we had lots of positive feedback. We look forward to our next session. 

Music- Hands, feet and heart


We started our music unit by listening to the piece of music that would be the song we performed. We appraised the music and talked about what we liked and disliked. We talked about the piece of music and how it was made up of an introduction, a chorus and a verse. The children moved to the pulse of the music and were able to create different ways to move to the pulse. We clapped out different rhythms and even used our favourite foods to make up new rhythms. To end our unit we performed our song. 

RE- Rejoice- Beginnings


During our theme of Beginnings the children have thought about all the beginnings they have had. We ended our unit by remembering all that we have learnt. Together we sang the song 'He's got the whole wide world.' Our go forth was a chance for us all to make a positive choice and start each day the right way. We put these ideas on a post it note. 

Maths- Place Value


We have been looking at Place Value in our maths lesson. Using base ten has helped us understand how many tens and ones are in a number. Here are our place value charts to show different numbers. 

Science- Habitat Hunt


Year 2 went outside to look for different plants and animals. We looked at the different habitats. The children found lots of different plants and animals. Each habitat provided different conditions that were suitable for the animal or plant. The children then recorded this in their books. 

Trip to Hale Lighthouse


As part of our English and topic work we visited Hale Lighthouse in Hale village. We used our geographic vocabulary to identify the different features. We saw vegetation in the farmer's fields. We could see the River Mersey. Across the river there was a factory. The lighthouse had a weather vane on the top of it. The children talked about the compass directions. We could see the coast line were the land meets the river. The lighthouse is going to be the feature of our new text in English. 

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Slugs Poems


We have been learning actions to go with our class poem about Slugs. Here we are using actions to help us remember the words. We challenged our friends and worked together. One of us had to do the actions whilst the other one had to do say the words. 


Here is our poem:


Slippery, slimy slugs and snails.

Slide along on silvery trails.

Entry Point- Cold write


Year 2 visited the dream room to look at different settings. The children used the images on the screen to describe the different settings. We came up with lots of adjectives and we have placed them on our working wall. We are going to use these words to write calligrams. 

RE- Beginnings

As part of our RE topic, we looked at beginnings. We talked about the many new beginnings we have in our lives. We thought about the feelings that we feel at the start of a beginning. Then we watched a short clip from 'Finding Nemo' and recognised the new beginnings Nemo faced. 

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Geography- Homes


Year 2 have enjoyed being out and about around our local area. They went out on the minibus to look at geographical features. The children were using all of our key vocabulary to identify the places they visited. During their trip they were photographed to help them when they got back to school.