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Today's physical activity...

Step up Challenge

WEEKLY SPORTS CHALLENGE – STEP UP! Using your bottom stair only, how many steps can you do in 30 seconds?
Watch Dame Kelly Holmes' demonstration. Tweet your results @ChrissiesSpeke

Reading Lesson 4 - Street Child

English. Tune of the text


Subtraction - breaking the whole


This half term we will be studying the Ancient Greeks as our new History topic. Today we would like you to look at the power point about the Ancient Greeks and see if you can find out a bit more about them by doing some research of your own. You could record your findings as a mind map or spider diagram.


Our historical question for the topic is: Is it really all Greek to me or should I thank the Ancient Greek civilisation for their impact on the modern, world I live in?

Look at this power point about the Ancient Greeks and then complete the mind map or make your own notes about what you find out.


Work through the powerpoint and complete the activities.