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This week our theme in school is  'Hopes and Dreams'.


On this page you will find lots of different activities that you can do at home. For some activities you may need to make something, so remember to take a photo and get an adult to tweet it, tagging @ChrissiesSpeke. Or you can email it to school. Have fun and stay safe!

Activity 1: Happy New Year to everyone in Year 5! Have a go at this activity, thinking about the positive things you remember from the past year and your goals for 2021.

Activity 2: The teachers at St Christopher's already think you are superheroes! Complete this activity, showing what you would look like as a super hero. If you can't print the sheet, you could just draw it on a piece of paper. What would your super power be, I wonder?

Activity 3: We know times are very strange at the moment and it can be a bit worrying. We would like you to think of at least one positive thing that happens to you each day and keep a record of it. You can use this diary but if you can't print it out, you could use a piece of paper, make a little diary of your own or even do it as a piece of art work.

Activity 4: Have a look at this photo a child has made of a dream catcher. She has put all the positive hopes and dreams on the outside of the dream catcher and has put all the negative things on the inside. Have a go at making your own. If you have craft materials like feathers and pipe cleaners at home, you could make a 3D dream catcher like the one in the photo. If not, you could draw or paint one. Remember, put your bad dreams on the inside so the dream catcher can stop them.

Activity 5: Have a look at this power point about Hope. In it you can find out about people who gave hope to others, including Martin Luther King and Jesse Owens. Why don't you try to find out more about these amazing people, or research someone else who brought hope to the world? You could draw a picture of them, make a poster about them or write a biography about their life. Remember to take photos of your work and put it onto Twitter or email it to school.

Activity 6: Remember Martin Luther King? He made a very famous speech all about his hopes and dreams for the future. It actually became known as his, 'I have a dream' speech. Have a go at the activity below. We have given you special clouds that you can write in. Write about your dreams for the future. Then you can cut them out and display them in your house or even join them together to make a hanging mobile with the big cloud at the top. Remember, if you can't print these out you could make your own with paper or even cardboard.

Activity 7: Happiness is... Think of all the things that make you happy and write a poem about them. There is a template for you to use below if you want to, or you could just write your own on a piece of paper.

Activity 8: Keeping active is very important to our mental health and well being. Why don't you practise your yoga skills, or learn a new dance. How many keepy ups can you do? Why don't you challenge one of your grown ups to a hula hoop competition or a skipping game? Whatever you do, keep safe.  

Have a look at these You Tube videos.