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Reading Comprehension

GRAMMAR ACTIVITIES During our English work this half term, we will be revisiting, nouns, verbs and adverbs so we can use the when writing similes and metaphors. Each day this week there will be a short activity for you to try.


Our book, FArTHER, has great setting descriptions in it. We are going to write some descriptions using ALLITERATION this week. Have a look at document 1, which reminds us what alliteration is. Then look at document 2 which has your task on it. Remember, you do not have to print the sheet out. You can do your work on a piece of paper. We look forward to reading your ideas. You can post photos of your work by tagging @ChrissiesSpeke on Twitter.


Monday 18th January

Counting Squares


Monday 18th January

Lesson 2

LO: Can I understand classification?

What is classification? Look at this BBC site.

Look at these power points about ways in which we can group animals. Chat to an adult about them if you can.

Have a try at completing this worksheet about different animal groups.