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Today's Physical Activity...


The shoe! Can you balance a shoe (any colour!) on the sole of your foot and make a 360 degree rotations without the shoe falling? Watch the demonstration below and have a go.

Reading Lesson 4 - The Victorians

For English today we would like you to do something book related!

Here is the link for the WBD website:

Have a look at all the different activities on there. Look either on the schools/nurseries or families drop down menus. There are lots of different things for you to try.


Fractions of a quantity

History- The Ancient Greeks. 

It is important for us to understand where the Ancient Greek period is found in history and what order events happened during this time. So for today's lesson we are going to be looking at time lines. These help us see where in history certain things happened. They also help us to understand how far back in time these different time periods were. We are now in the year 2021. What year do you think the Ancient Greek civilisation started? How many years ago?  When did it end? And what has happened since?

Look at the first task. There are 3 sheets with different times in history on them. There are also pictures, but they have been matched with the wrong time period. It is your job to put them in the right order and put the correct picture with it. If you can't print out, you could write and draw them on pieces of paper and put them in the right order.

Task 1 Time Line. It is important to remember that times with B.C next to them mean before Jesus Christ was born. So the bigger the B.C number the earlier it appears in history. For example: 64 B.C will be earlier than 30 B.C.. If the year has A.D after it, that means Anno Domini (The Year of Our Lord). So the bigger A.D numbers will come later on. Have a go and see how you get on.

Events within Ancient Greek Times.

Now we know when the Ancient Greeks appeared in history, it is important to know what special events happened during that time. Have a look at the timeline documents to see all the different things that historians have found out about Ancient Greece.

Task 2: This task show lots of different events that happened at this time. Can you think what order they might have happened in? Try to put them in the correct order. The answer sheet is also there so you can check your work.

Have a go at this challenge!