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A very warm welcome to class 4CE!


Our teachers are Mrs Corstin and Mrs Elsworth and our teaching assistants are Mrs Riding, Mrs Jones and Mrs Stanley.



Our P.E day is Monday, please ensure children come into school wearing their P.E. kit on this day.

Book Bags

Book bags will be given out on Mondays. They should be returned to school on Friday

Water Bottles

Children are encouraged to bring a bottle of water to school every day. In 4CE we all have a place to store our bottle and can help ourselves throughout the day.  




Half Term Reading

Below is a link to our Autumn Reading Bingo. We would like you to complete as many of the reading tasks as you can and share your completed bingo board with us on Twitter @ChrissiesSpeke.

You can access free online books by signing up at 

Autumn Reading Bingo

Below you will find lots of information about our class, including what we have been up to. If you are having to stay at home due to self-isolation, please click on the isolating at home star, which will take you to a new page containing activities that will help you to keep pace with your class. They cover the key learning points of the week and should be completed along with home reading, spelling and times table practice.

Mannequin Challenge - all of year 4!

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Mannequin Challenge - group 1

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Mannequin Challenge - group 2

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Mannequin Challenge - group 3

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Christmas 2020. Festivities in class 4CE

Christmas Dinner - Class 4CE enjoyed their Christmas Dinner and pulling crackers. Christmas 2020 🎄

Autumn poetry

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Class 4CE have thoroughly enjoyed reciting Autumn poems within our Autumn Garden. This has prepared them well for writing their own poems 🍁🍂


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YOGA - final session. Year 4 completed their yoga programme today. They got together to show off their new skills ⭐

30th September - Topic - Environment.

Look who arrived in Year 4 today... Our very own turtle egg. As part of our topic work on environment we have been investigating plastic waste in our oceans and the devastating effects of this on our sealife. We look forward to the hatching later in the week... 

Turtle egg!

Stars of the Week - 21.9..20 - 25.9.20

Yoga Bears - Year 4 are continuing to enjoy and excel in their yoga sessions 🧘🧘‍♂️

Autumn 1


English- Poetry Riddles

This half term we will be studying riddles. In English we follow Talk for Writing and are looking forward to exploring lots of riddles to later innovate and imitate. 


We start the autumn term looking at place value. In the next few weeks we will be partitioning numbers and developing our number sense by consolidating our place value knowledge. 


In Geography we look forward to comparing our home city of Liverpool to the big apple, New York city.


Our P.E this half term is athletics. We will be working on our sprinting, high and long jump. We will be recording our personal bests. 






Getting to know our new class

and teachers. 

Circle Time in 4CE

We collected data by signing our autographs within the circle. It was interesting to learn who likes Maths and who isn't looking forward to swimming as well as who likes animals and who loves reading. 


We have had fun working as a team. As part of our team building this week we became NASA astronauts. We had to problem solve and work collaboratively in order to dock our space shuttle. We had lots of fun. 


Designing for a purpose

Year 4- Electrical Components 


This week, year four have been working with electrical components. We were lucky enough to have a D.T workshop delivered by the talented Steph O’Donnell.


The children worked with specialist tools to design and make a moving animal. They stripped wires, added a motor and made their own switch from scratch.They were required to accurately measure, cut and glue.


When a battery was added the children were delighted with the results.

They can’t wait to paint them and then take them home to show off.

Watch this space for our finished products

We have been exploring electrical circuits and the job of a battery. We created our own batteries using fruits and measured the energy created. We found that the banana did not make a great battery but the lemon did. 


Later we created electrical circuits using different materials. We investigated whether a material was an insulator or conductor based on the light energy produced. We were surprised to find that graphite was a good conductor. 

Electrical Circuits

World Book Day in 4CW

Yay we filled our marble and treats. Well done year 4!!

Author Study 

In year 4 we have loved exploring the work of Benjamin Zephaniah. We were amazed to learn that he left school unable to read or write. He went on the write poetry which reached millions. His work is best performed, especially 'Talkin Turkeys' and 'Dis Poetry'. We have looked at how Zephaniah used non-standard English in his work to add to the musicality and reflect his carribean roots.


We have some great performers in 4CW.

Benjamin Zephaniah

Design and Technology Week

This week we have been looking at healthy snacks. We have discussed what is already on the market and participated in food tasting to find out what we enjoy in 4CW.


We all tried something new, from honey to raspberries.


Following our research we decided what we would like to include in a healthy granola bar.


Please find the ingredients list below as I’m sure the children would love to have another go at home.

Porridge oats

Brown sugar and butter

Honey/Peanut butter

Fruit/dark chocolate

We worked on our peeling and grating skills and especially enjoyed getting messy grating the chocolate.

Check out or pics!!!