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Reading Comprehension

English writing lesson. Here is another example of a piece of writing that describes a setting. Read it carefully or read along with an adult. Compare it to yesterday's writing. Then look at the pictures below the writing. Choose one that you like. Write your own description of it's setting, thinking about what you could see, hear and touch if you were there. Use adjectives, similes and metaphors in your writing.

Maths - Fractions

Equivalent Fractions

Reading Activities: This week we are going to look at a poem called 'The Jabberwocky' written by Lewis Carroll. Lewis Carroll also wrote 'Alice in Wonderland'. For today read the poem and then look at the vocabulary activity. The poem has a lot of nonsense words in it, so don't worry if it sounds strange.

Art Lesson 3. Have a look at the power point to find out what we are doing in this week's lesson.