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Welcome to RO


A big welcome to all our children who have started Reception at St Christopher's after the summer break. We are delighted with how well the children have settled into RO.

Class Teacher - Miss O'Connor

Support staff - Miss McCormack

                        Miss Gargan 


Spring 2

The focus for this half term will be the story of Mr Gumpy's outing and Journeys.




In Reception we teach phonics daily. Phonics is the learning and application of the letters and sounds children need in order to read and write. Phonics is split into phases based on children's development. Information and activities can be found at the following websites. Please use these at home to play games with your children and support their learning.


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is an important part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum so the children spend a lot of time outside. On sunny days please ensure your child has suncream, a cap and a water bottle. As the weather gets colder please ensure your child has a suitable coat, hat, scarf, gloves etc. Thank you.



PE is on a Monday. Please can you ensure that your child's school uniform, coat, PE kit and PE bag are clearly labelled with their name.


Book Bags

Your child will bring home a school reading book in a book bag. Please ensure that book bags are brought to school every day as we do not have a set day for reading. Please feel free to write any comments about how they got on in the reading diary. Your child will also bring home a library book for you to share. Remember, you can record any book, magazine or comic you have read with your child. Children will be given a sticker each time they read at home and when they reach 20 stickers can choose a small prize.


Water bottle

Your child can bring water into school in a water bottle with a sports cap. The bottles need to be labelled with your child's name.


External Links


Thank you.

Miss O'Connor, Miss McCormack and Miss Gargan.

Spring 2 Diary dates:

Monday 24th February - Children return to school. Space homework project due in.

Wednesday 26th February - Ash Wednesday Mass at church 9.30, Parents evening from 3.30.

Thursday 5th March  - World Book Day

Friday 3rd April - Finish for Easter.


Spring 1

This half term started with our annual Keeping Safe week.  Rose came and taught us about road safety and we also worked on keeping safe online, around the home and online too.  Tom from Bikeability came this half term and each Thursday morning we were outside learning how to safely ride our bikes.  He was impressed with how much our confidence grew over the term.

Our story for this half term was Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.  We started our topic by visiting space in our Dream room and even brought back a space rocket to have in our own classroom role play. The children were very creative in their play having picnics and meeting aliens in their play. We used the story to help us write lists.  We made shopping lists, holiday packing lists, school supply lists and bucket lists. One of the favourite activities involving lists was when we had a scavenger hunt, lots of children now create their own in their child led play. Space definitely captured the imagine of the children and we created junk modelling rockets which inspired the homework project. We are very excited to see your entries when we return after half term for our space exhibition.

The children learnt about the art technique of marbling and used this to create their own planets. We have covered a lot of science this half term, we investigated which sweets would make the best rocket fuel with cola and created our own coke geyser to show the chemical reaction needed to send things into space.

Maths has been focused on  number bonds to 10.  The children used a range of equipment to investigate the many ways we can make 10 with. We then moved on to adding and subtracting and played games like skittles to apply these skills. Friday 7th February saw St Christopher's celebrate NSPCCs Number day.  We were set two challenge, one was to help owl pack his bag correctly and also to do some doubling investigations.  Our snack this day was even based on maths as we had to roll the dice to count out how many chocolate counters we could add to our biscuit.

RE has seen the children learning about the Parish family and Father Ed's job in church.  We have acted out the possessions and leant Our Father's prayer. We had a lesson on how we have changed from when we were babies. The children enjoyed playing guess who with the pictures that were brought in from home. We also celebrated Chinese New year.  We made Chinese lucky envelopes and even had a Chinese restaurant in class where we tried some Chinese food. We did lion dances and ribbon dancing too. We have also entered the Young Writer My First Riddle competition so to tune into our senses to help us describe items we had a senses stations day.  As well as hearing the different sounds here we have also been counting the beat when performing Wind the Bobbin up on the chime bars. 


Autumn 1: Myself and my wonderful world.

The children settled in really well to their new classes and routines. Initially we looked at Myself, we spoke about things we liked, painted our portraits and discussed our families and names as part of RE work. RE also focused on the theme of Welcome.  The children explored signs of welcome and then planned a party for a new baby. Father Ed also Welcomed the children and their families into St Christopher's through a welcome service in our school hall. We also looked at the other faith of Judaism through the festival of Hanukkah, making menorahs and learning the story about the temple. 

We then moved on to study the book Owl Babies.  The children went off on an adventure into the woodlands and found a nest where we found the book. We read it and learnt it through story mapping and actions.  We then invented our own stories by changing the character.  Our storytelling skills are also being nurtured through Helicopter stories.  This is where we come up with a setting, characters and prop and build a story around them which we act out and record.

Art work was focussed around Owls as we created 3D structures out of collage and clay.  We also painted owl pictures by mixing the primary colours. Maths was based around shape patterns and matching numbers and quantities.  We also focused on controlling a Beebot, by controlling it through programming the directional buttons.

The topic then extended out to think about our world where we live.  The children spoke about things by their homes and created maps.  We took a walk to our local library and got to see the shops, buildings, trees, roads that surround our school.  The children enjoyed choosing their own books to bring back to school and I know from reading your key person books many children have had a return visit with their families. The walk also allowed us to look at signs of Autumn.

Finally a select group of children from Reception were invited to LFC academy for a multi skills event.  They got to practise their ball skills and met the Liver bird mascot.

After all this hard work we hope you enjoy your half term break.