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Welcome to RO


A big welcome to all our children who have started Reception at St Christopher's after the summer break. We are delighted with how well the children have settled into RO.

Class Teacher- Miss O'Connor

Support staff-  Miss McCormack

This year we will be following the New Early Adopter adopter framework and Development Matters. This can be found at:

Summer 1 - Traditional Tales 

What a busy half term we have just had. Our topic was Traditional Tales and we explored Three Pigs, Goldilocks, Red Riding hood and many more. As well as exploring the texts and role playing the tales we continuing our Read Write Inc lessons but also got lots of opportunities for cross curricular learning too.  We explored which materials were best to make Red Riding Hood a waterproof cape, designed and built houses for the three pigs we thought would be strong enough not to get blown down, made our own gingerbread men and a new chair for baby bear and held the trail of the big bad wolf to decide if his bad reputation was deserved or not.  

Our RE focused on Islam the first week back and then moved onto our Pentecost and Friends theme.  We explored the story of the Holy Spirit and made windmills to show how we can feel things that are not seen.  We had a tea party with our friends and have done lots of group activities to explore the importance of good friendships. We even learnt to sign a song to help us communicate with children who may not hear as well as us.

We have been allowed to go to the school hall for our gymnastics lessons and have been developing our jumping and rolling techniques.  The children were so confident at the end week jumping off and finding ways to move around the different apparatus, we may have some future gymnasts in our midst. 

Maths has been focussing on different representations of numbers beyond 10 and measures.  We explore bucket scales for heavy and light and water play to explore capacity terms. We finished on Friday with our shape day where we created tangrams using shapes in shapes to create pictures.

A big thank you to all our families who completed the family tree homework project.  we really enjoyed finding out from the children about different families and people who are important to them.

When we return to school on June 7th it will be Money day and our new topic will focus on Change.  We will be looking at non fiction texts about changes, looking at  life cycles and preparing for moving to Y1. 



From Wednesday 6th January 2021 .

We have been reviewing the start and finish times under the current COVID 19 safety and social distancing rules and are able to extend the reception hours next half term.  Children will be dropped off at the Nursery gate at 9.15am and they will be collected at 2.50 from the Nursery gate too unless they have older siblings and they will be dropped off at Nursery gate at the start time of the eldest sibling. 


Independent Learners


In Reception we encourage our children to be independent learners. We encourage them to choose activities, tidy up after themselves, access snack and dress and undress independently - this is something we support initially. We ask that you support us by encouraging your child to become more independent at home e.g. dressing and undressing, helping with jobs around the house. 


Autumn Term

Once the children have settled into Reception our first topic this term will be 'Amazing me and Our World'. 




In Reception we teach phonics daily. Phonics is the learning and application of the letters and sounds children need in order to read and write. Phonics is split into phases based on children's development. Information and activities can be found at the following websites. Please use these at home to play games with your children and support their learning.


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is an important part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum so the children spend a lot of time outside. On sunny days please ensure your child has suncream, a cap and a water bottle. As the weather gets colder please ensure your child has a suitable coat, hat, scarf, gloves etc. Thank you.



PE takes place on a Friday.  On PE day ( Friday) children will come in already dressed in their PE kits, wearing dark jogging bottoms and their school jumper over the top of it.  This is part of our COVID saftey guidance.


Book Bags

Children will read in class and we would encourgage you to read with them daily at home.  Children will be given a school reading book to share at home each Monday and we will follow Covid safety guidelines to ensure they are clean and sanitised before going out.  As part of this we ask that their book bags be returned on a Friday.

Oxford Owl have put an online library on their website if you need extra reading materials.


Water bottle

Your child can bring water into school in a water bottle with a sports cap. The bottles need to be labelled with your child's name.


Class Dojo

This year as a way of communicating with families we have sent you an email invitation to join our class Dojo page.  This platform allows you to see when we reward your child with a monster point and set homework challenges to complete.  If you have not received your invitation please inform a member of staff of your up to date email address so we can resend it.


External Links



Thank you.

Miss O'Connor

Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely Easter. The summer term is always a busy term and as usual we have lots of exciting activities for the children in Reception to complete. This half term are work will be based initially on Traditional Tales- such as Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs. We have a Grandmas cottage role play in class and have even made Gingerbread men.  We have also begun our RWI phonics lessons.


Our PE day, for the rest of the term, will be on a Thursday, so your child can come into school in their PE kit on Thursdays. The children are very excited to be able to use the PE apparatus in the school hall and even impressed Mrs Denby with how well behaved they were. Well done RO. 

Below you will find lots of information about our class, including what we have been up to. From March 8th 2021, when all children returned to school, class teachers will be providing work via Class Dojo if children are isolating at home. By clicking on the Learning from Home star you will still find a weekly timetable and other links to support learning

EYFS Nativity

Things may be a little different this year but nothing would stop us from taking part in our usual Christmas celebrations. 


We invite you to join us in watching our wonderful EYFS perform their nativity!


Please click the link below


Enjoy smiley


November and December 2020

Our class story this half term was 'The Something' by Rebecca Cobb. In this book Joey loses his toy down a hole in the garden and wonderes what might be down there when it appears again. The children discovered their own hole in our school and imagined what might have left it there or live inside. After doing lots of vocabulary and story structure work they became authors and planned out, and learnt to retell their own losing story before writing it out themselves. 

We also created small world box worlds, made tools to help Joey get his toy back and looked at animals who live in holes.

What helped us with our writing is all the Phonics work we have been doing.  The children have been learning their Phase 2 sounds and using them to blend when reading and segmenting the sounds to create CVC words with magnetic letters and writing them. We have also been applying these skills in our Steps to Read lessons too.

Our Maths work has focused on different ways numbers can be represented and ordering them correctly. We have also done a lot of work on pattern and the children really enjoyed making patterns using the wooden shapes and using them to create pictures too.  

RE saw us looking at Baptism, the Jewish festival of Hannukah and then Birthdays in preparation for Christmas.  The children have been finding out the true meaning of Christmas and have retold the story in their very own Nativity movie which can be watched on the link at the top of this page. They talk about Jesus' birthday and how they can show love like Jesus this Christmas, and have displayed this through our Advent wreath collective worships. We also had a very special collective worship on Remembrance Day and the children created their own poppy wreath for our whole school display.

December saw us getting prepared for Christmas and we had a very special class visitor Elfie from the North Pole he liked hiding in different places each day and the children enjoyed finding him each day. The children raised over £20 for the charities on accessory day, thank you families for your kind donations. We had a lovely Christmas dinner in our jumpers and a fantastic party day dancing to all the christmas tunes. The children have also been doing lots of Christmas crafts which you will all get to see and enjoy shortly.  Have a fantastic Christmas and we will see you in 2021 at our new start time of 9.15am.


Autumn 2

This half term we will begin by focusing on the book The Something. A story about a boy's ball that mysteriously disappears down a hole in his garden. The story will allow children to develop their imagination and speaking and listening skills. The children will also progress further in phase 2 phonics and begin to use this in their reading and writing. In maths we will be focusing on the value of number and pattern.

As we approach Christmas the children will learn about the true meaning of Christmas and we are hoping that although we can't have a Nativity performance in school this year we are hoping to record a short performance of songs for you to watch.

Half Term Reading

Below is a link to our Autumn Reading Bingo. We would like you to complete as many of the reading tasks as you can and share your completed bingo board with us on Twitter @ChrissiesSpeke.

You can access free online books by signing up at 

Autumn Reading Bingo

October 2020

This months story was Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.  We used this journey story as a structure to create our own new stories, creating a new story map with new characters and new settings. We also went on many journeys in our own class boxes in the role play area and created maps of journeys we take to school, which lead on to looks of map making in the children's own play.

We had lots of maths opportunities through this story too such as size ordering and creating our own 3D shape rockets.  We also had to be problem solvers when we had to share out the biscuits fairly for the picnic on the moon. Talking of space we learnt a new art technique of marbling and used this to create our own planets.

The children have been enjoying our PE games and favourites such as Duck Duck Goose and What's the time Mr Wolf? have been being played in our outdoor classroom ever since. We were very lucky this half term to take part in a Forest School session with Mrs Baxter.  She taught us fire safety and then how to use a flint to light the fire.  We then got to make Smores over the fire. Food was definitely on the children mind this month as we had an ice cream parlour role play which saw some interesting flavours and pricing!  We also made our own bread during our school Harvest week and learnt about where food comes from and then used vegetables to do some printing with.

Our RE theme was Welcome and we learnt that Baptism is a welcome to Gods family.  We have seen pictures of our Church and prepared for a Baptism party and then acted one out in class. We have also been introduced to Purple Mash's Mini Mash, and been shown how to access this at home if we need to isolate in the future. 

After Half term, we will be looking at the story 'The Something' by Rebecca Cobb.

September 2020

Firstly can I say how proud the whole EYFS team were at how well the children have come into school and settled into their new classrooms and routines.  Well done children you should be so proud of yourselves.

The children have been exploring the new resources in each base and making new friendships.  An activity they particularly enjoyed was the Smarties game where they selected a Smartie from the bowl and answered the corresponding question.  This helped us to get to know each other.  We also explored our features to be able to create our own self portraits by colour mixing paints.  This has also linked into our RE theme of Myself, where we have been learning the importance of our name.  Thank you to all the families that participated in our homework challenge to tell your child why they were given they name.  We have found these really interesting.

Our main focus of learning this month has been around the story of 'Owl Babies' by Martin Waddell. We found a nest in our garden outside and this is what sparked our interest.  Children have made owl masks, owl fact files and nests outside.  We also got lots of maths opportunities out of this by using worms and feather to create owl number sentences and matching number owls and amounts correctly. Bill the Owl even visited the 'Superhelpers' office Reception had set up and we helped him find his Mummy by creating missing posters and binoculars. 

We have made good use of the nice weather in our outdoor garden too, going on a nature scavenger hunt and making our own bird feeders with Cherrios and pipe cleaners for the birds who visit our garden. We also have been learning lots of new games in our PE lessons outside too.


Next month we will be moving on to the story of 'Whatever Next' by Jill Murphy.