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Welcome to RO


A big welcome to all our children who have started Reception at St Christopher's after the summer break. We are delighted with how well the children have settled into RO.

Class Teacher- Miss O'Connor

Support staff-  Miss McCormack


Like all other Early Years Settings we use the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage 2021 and Development Matters 2021. This can be found at: 



Independent Learners


In Reception we encourage our children to be independent learners. We encourage them to choose activities, tidy up after themselves, access snack and dress and undress independently - this is something we support initially. We ask that you support us by encouraging your child to become more independent at home e.g. dressing and undressing, helping with jobs around the house. 




In Reception we teach phonics daily.  We follow Read Write Inc. Phonics is the learning and application of the letters and sounds children need in order to read and write. Phonics is split into groups based on children's development. Information can be found in the link below. 


Outdoor Learning

Outdoor learning is an important part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum so the children spend a lot of time outside. On sunny days please ensure your child has sun cream, a cap and a water bottle. As the weather gets colder please ensure your child has a suitable coat, hat, scarf, gloves etc. Thank you.



PE takes place on a Friday.  On PE day children will come in already dressed in their PE kits, wearing dark jogging bottoms and their school jumper over the top of it. 


Book Bags

Children will read in class and we would encourage you to read with them daily at home.  Children will be given a school reading book to share at home each Friday and once they have practiced a Read Write Inc text in school this will also be sent home for consolidation. Oxford Owl have put an online library on their website if you need extra reading materials.


Water bottle

Your child can bring water into school in a water bottle with a sports cap. The bottles need to be labelled with your child's name.


Class Dojo

This year as a way of communicating with families we have sent you an email invitation to join our class Dojo page.  This platform allows you to see when we reward your child with a monster point and set homework challenges to complete.  If you have not received your invitation please inform a member of staff of your up to date email address so we can resend it or click the link below.


External Links



Thank you.

Miss O'Connor

May 2023

May has been a very busy month! we started off celebrating King Charles Coronation. We had a party day were children dressed up as Kings and Queens and even had a royal disco which the children thoroughly enjoyed. As part of our Coronation week the children became artists as they were asked to create a royal portrait of the new king, learnt about the history and likes of our new King, made crowns using pipe cleaners and even created a special memory envelope to keep treasures in from this momentous period of time. 

Oliver's Vegetables became our story focus and we have been writing words to describe vegetables appearance and tastes and some children even had a go at writing a letter to persuade Oliver he should eat vegetables. We used some vegetables to create pictures through printing. 

We took part in deaf awareness week by having a signed story and learning some sign language and also participated in Outdoor classroom day by doing some Wild Writing using our senses to create a poem about the joy of being outdoors. The children completed a big homework project to create their own family trees to discuss as part of our RHSE lesson. Thank you for the wonderful creations that came in and the children had lots to tell us about their relatives.

Liverpool hosted Eurovision on behalf of Ukraine this year so St Christopher's had their own Eurovision festival. RO represented Spain and sung the holiday club classic 'Chu Chu Wa' and did well performing in front of the whole school. We had a fabulous day singing, dancing and learning about different countries. We made mini Pinatas to sell at the Euro Market we had after school and sold out very quickly raising over £50 for school funds. 

Our RE theme has been Friends and we have been discussing things that can strengthen and upset friendships. We created friendship bracelets and have been playing lots of games that involve everybody.  

May ended with us having a special Animals takeover workshop. Lynsey brought in animals from the rainforest to meet us. We had a fantastic time learning about the animals and getting to hold them, some children even held a snake around their necks! We met Speedy and slowcoach (Giant African land snails), Millie (millipede), Miss Stick (stick insect), Cindy and Sid (cockroach), Freddo (tree frog), Incy Wincy (spider), Monty (python) and Spongebob (Sugar glider). 

After all this fun we are definitely looking forward to half term.

April 2023

We returned to school for our final term in Reception and our topic was Growing. We read the poetry book 'It started with a seed' and learnt a lot about different trees. We are so lucky to have a variety of trees on our school site and we went around exploring them and identifying them by the shape of their leaves. We also found some snails have been visiting our outdoor classroom and we have been following their trails to find them hiding in the tyres. Miss Gargan has also begun introducing Sensory Circuit breaks for some children and they have been enjoying their special morning jobs and lots of children are keen to explore the equipment afterwards. We explored the story of Pentecost through making windmills to explore the concept of the Holy Spirit and retelling the story through role play. We have also been using Numicon and bowling to develop applying our maths skills.

March 2023

March began with World Book day. We celebrated by dressing up and having Y6 come and read with us. We also enjoyed sharing books with our friends this day too. Our new topic was Traditional Tales so we have had lots of stories shared with us and even listened to alternative versions such as The True story of the three little pigs told by the wolf. We then had a trial and decided which version we believed to be the truth and made Newspapers to publish the results. When reading Little Red Riding Hood we created Grandma's cottage and children enjoyed role playing the story and we did a science experiment to create a string basket to carry food for Grandma. 

Maths saw us looking at addition by adding two numbers using dominoes and Numicon sums to help us. We have looked at odd and even numbers and sorting buttons by different criteria. Our Easter charity cause was the 2p challenge and the children really enjoyed counting up all the 2ps our class raised.

We have been using instruments in music and been playing Glockenspiels to play Old McDonald. We have grown cress as part of RE growing theme and went on Nature hunts looking for signs of new life.  We have learnt the Easter story through Collective Worships and Fr Ed came into school too to share a special service with us. Our families also visited class this month to see our learning journeys and read stories with us. 

The children filled our class marble jar so had a movie and popcorn treat and due to colder weather the children also enjoyed a snow day too. We also used Neuro Bears to raise our awareness of Autism during Autism week. The last week of term we were very busy making Easter gifts for our families and we are looking forward to spending the holidays with our families. 

February 2023

We celebrated the NSPCC's Number day by coming to school dressed in a digit and had games playing snakes and ladders using our maths skills. We have also been using the apparatus in PE and learning how to land the jump correctly and the children enjoy going over the different stations. Our new RE theme is gathering so we enjoyed playing games like Farmers in the Den and Chinese Whispers that involve other people. We had a fun afternoon trying to make origami fish! However on the last day of half term the children had to trade in their Dojo's for a new whole school approach

and they decided that they wanted to create their own ice cream sundaes! The cooking theme continued after half term as Pancake day saw us flipping our own pancakes before tasting them. We made Lenten promises and learn about the Tradition of Ash Wednesday. Our new theme for this half term is Traditional Tales.

January 2023

Our new theme for this half term is Superheroes. We have met Superbat and Newspaper boy and Origami girl through our books. The children really enjoyed become their own superheroes in our headquarters role play and going out on secret missions. We also created our own superhero outfits using junk model resources. Mr Gillespie has been taking the children every Thursday morning to do Bike ability in the hall. Miss Gargan has said its has been lovely to see the children's confidence grow each week in these lessons. The Lunar New Year was at the end of the month. The children found out facts about their new year animal roosters or dogs and made lanterns and dragons. They were delighted to find the Lucky Man had paid a visit and left them some chocolate coins in their red envelopes. We had a superhero afternoon where children used magnets to make their superheroes fly and turned their drawings into movies using Puppet Pals app on the iPads.

December 2022

December saw RO preparing for Christmas. We had fundraising days like crazy hair day, Christmas accessory day and Christmas dinner and jumper day. We also welcomed a new member to our class as Miss Gargan joined us. We performed our nativity 'Whoops a Daisy Angel' to our families and even Skyped Santa! it was nice to see him on the big screen and have him answer our questions. He had sent his elves to collect our letters to take them to the North Pole. Luckily the elves that visited class were well behaved as the children told us many tales of the naughty antics their elves on the shelves had been up to at home! The children really enjoyed meeting Mog the cat in our Christmas advert English work. They found all his disasters hilarious in his calamity ad. The cold snap also meant the children got to play in the ice and snow and they explored creating heat hand prints on the playground. The children were also very busy creating lots of Christmas gifts for our families which we hope you love. Have a wonderful Christmas and we look forward to welcoming back to school on Thursday 5th January 2023.

November 2022

What a busy month we had! We had two events with our lovely families, our parents open night on the stormiest night of the year (Thank you to all those who braved the elements to come) and our Welcome service with Fr Ed. We were blown away but how many of you turned out to support it and the children enjoyed sharing their songs with you all.  RE saw us start talking about Birthdays in preparation for the very important birthday of Jesus. We loved talking about the photos you brought from home and sharing our stories with our friends of how we have celebrated previous birthdays. The children also had to plan and organise a birthday party of Max our class bear by making cards, writing invitations and putting up the decorations. Our Maths work focused on the composition of numbers through games and seeing how 5 can be made in different ways by counting the counters that landed in the bowl and those that didn't or using dice to take away a number from our towers till we had 0 left. We also focused on patterns and finding out what come next and carrying a pattern on. Out topic was Space and we did marble painting to create our own planets and found out facts about different planets in our solar system. The children also made 3D rockets by rolling or manipulating paper to create different shapes. They had also be arty the the start of the month using chalk to create fireworks pictures exploring colour and line. We have been so lucky to have a range of treats this month as the children had a toy day as a class treat, they could wear football kits on world cup day and they had a robot workshop with Hi Impact. The children explored Codapillar and robot cars that changed directions on coloured mats. December will see us prepare for Christmas and we have been busy practising our Nativity and can't wait for you to come and see it.

October 2022

October saw us study Dyslexia awareness week. We talked about how we are all unique and heard about Taki the penguin using his differences to save the day. We did spot the differences and clapping rhythm games. We also explored Judaism by learning about the festival of Hanukkah. We made menorahs out of playdough and played the dreidel game to win chocolate coins. Our next RE topic was Welcome and we explored ways we welcome others in our homes and school and this will lead onto exploring the rite of Baptism as a welcome into a church. Fr Ed has been in school teaching children songs for a very special service that we will be having in November to welcome our new reception families into school. We had our first RHSE session about who keeps us safe and our half term homework is based around this. As the season changed we went exploring leaves through colours and shapes and used these to do some crayon rubbings in art. Sorting was a focus in maths too, we matched buttons by shape and sorted by colours as well. We finished the month by exploring poems and introducing children to special friends sounds in Phonics. We hope you enjoy your half term holiday and look forward to Autumn 2 when we will be exploring Space and getting ready for Christmas.

September 2022

We were so pleased to welcome the children into Reception and so proud of how easily and confidently they transitioned, taking new experiences in their stride. They enjoyed exploring their new classrooms and have really enjoyed role playing in our Pet Shop. PE lessons and Dinner times have seen the children visit new areas in our school. The Canteen staff even gave us lessons on how to get our dinner and hold our trays. Max the class bear has been back out on his adventures with the children and we have loved seeing the photos and reading his diary daily. Now we are in Reception we now have the chance to be Star of the Week - and the children are making it difficult for us to choose just two each week!

Our RE topic this month was Myself and the children have been learning how God knows and loves everybody. We practiced writing our names including our family names too. We looked at our features to create our own self portraits in paint and talked about the word 'Precious' and drew people who are precious to us.

The children have started their daily phonics sessions. Fred the Frog is always hiding but we find him and he tells us a new sound each day. The children then write the sounds in their books and have a go at making words on magnet boards and blending sounds in words with Fred's games - they love asking Fred  - "What's in the Fridge Fred?". Please use your Oxford Owl log in details found in the front of children's reading record book and check out Class Dojo for practice videos and materials.

The children were surprised to find our class room turned into a crime scene after lunch one day. PC Hughes asked us to investigate what happened by asking the staff and searching for evidence. It turned out it was 'The Tiger who came to Tea'. We have interviewed 'Sophie' and sequenced the story, then using the same structure the children came up with their own stories such as the Monkey who came to lunch and the unicorn who came for breakfast! We decided to have our own tea party and wrote invitations to the Tiger and he came and we can report that he was much better behaved this time only eating the food on his plate!

The Number Blocks have been helping us with our Maths. We have been exploring numbers 1-3 and what three, two and one are by sorting different representations of numbers. We had to count carefully when setting up a picnic for the three bears. 

Using string we did some printing to make tiger stripes art work and learnt how important it is to wash our hands with the help of the 'Glitter Germs'. We were surprised how quickly germs can be spread!

Wow what busy bees we have been! Next month we are starting a new book 'Mr Big', learning about the festival of Hanukah during Judaism week and looking forward to spending time with our families at half term.