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Here is today's lesson and activity.

Times Tables Practise

Choose your times tables to practise today.


Today we will carry on looking at angles.

English: We looked at the model text which was all about surviving in the snow. What other environments might someone have to survive in? How many different habitats can you think of? Write a list of as many as you can. For example- a desert environment. Use the planning sheet below to think about what type of shelter you would need to help you survive in each place and what else could you do to help you survive. .

For each environment think of:

-What type of shelter you will need

-What you will build it from

-What equipment you might use

-How you will find your food

-What clothing you might need


You can draw labelled diagrams of your shelter and any equipment you might have. 



Today we will start to find out about mountains. Use the power points below to help you complete your activities.