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Learning Focus 3

Our Unique God Given Qualities and Gifts and our Appreciation Of Difference.

Look at this reading from the Bible:

You are created by God to be like God. You are God’s people, his saints. He loves you. You are all different. You come from different places, speak in different ways, have different customs. But the important thing is that you are God’s children. So love one another, help one another, be at peace with one another. And let the love of Jesus fill your hearts and minds. 

Based on Colossians 3:10-11

Gods Story 3


Some questions for you to think about:

You are God’s children – how does that make you feel?
What do you think the word unique means?
How could you use your unique qualities to help others?


Think about your friends and family. How are they unique? How do they use their qualities to help others? 

Choose someone and write about their unique qualities. 

Learning Focus 4:

Christians Are Called to be Like God and Sometimes it Takes Courage to Use These Qualities for the Service of others

 We have talked about how everyone helps each other through their own unique qualities and talents. Some people have used these in an exceptional way and that has not always been easy.

Read this document about a man called Maximilian Kolbe and think about how he used his talents and qualities to help others.

Find out about someone else who devoted their life to God and to helping others. Present your findings in any way you choose; a poster, a leaflet or a biography.

Some ideas could be:

  • Martin Luther King
  • Nelson Mandela
  • Mother Theresa

Or you could find out about your own unique person.