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Reading Comprehension


Today's lesson is very special. We are taking part in an online poetry workshop, organised by the Liverpool Learning Partnership. We will be joined by poet Matt Goodfellow. Below is a document containing links for you to join in with this session.

Have fun and enjoy.

This is Matt Goodfellow and the book of his poems that we have in school. If you cannot access the workshop, try to find out more about him. Can you find any of his poems online?

Maths - Fractions



Lesson 3

LO: Can I compare life cycles? 

What is an Egg? Talk about the role of eggs in a bird’s life cycle. Children discuss parts of an egg. If you can, crack open an egg to see if you can see and identify the different parts.

Parts of an Egg: Identify and explain the function of the parts of an egg using the diagram on the Lesson Presentation. Children see if they can spot any of the parts in their egg.

Life Cycle of a Bird: Children try to order the stages of the life cycle of a bird shown on the Lesson Presentation. Reveal the correct order and discuss the stages.


Look at BBC page:  Think back to the different animal classification groups from last week's lesson. Choose a group and research the life cycle of that group. Produce a labelled diagram on a piece of paper. Don't forget to label the different stages.

Science challenge: Put a tick in the boxes if the statement about that animal group is true. Then you can compare the different classifications.