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St.Christopher's is a Catholic Primary School in the Archdiocese of Liverpool. At St.Christopher's we embrace each new day and live the Jesus way through Caring, Learning and Inspiring. These words taken from our school mission statement underpin everything we do and believe in. As a community we work together, having fun while respecting and showing love to everyone and everything. Using kind words and actions we believe our children always try their best and never give up! As a whole school we are thankful to each other and to God. 


The purpose of Religious Education at St Christopher's Catholic Primary School is to nurture the Catholic faith, and its teachings, in our children. By helping them to live this faith, we hope to encourage our children to develop a good relationship with God and others around them. 


Religious Education is a core subject at St Christopher's. Children have the opportunity to respond to all forms of liturgy  and prayer with respect and reverence. It is mainly delivered through the religious education program 'Come and See' but it is also encouraged through links with home, the parish church, the local and wider community, and other subject areas. Religious experiences allow for the engagement with other children, staff, parents, governors and our parish priest. 


Our parish priest is Fr Edward Cain who is a regular visitor to our school and is also a member of our governing body alongside Deacon Paul Mannings. Children attend mass on a regular basis along with local parishioners. Fr Ed often visits classes to talk about particular topics which aims to further develop children's knowledge and understanding of their faith. 



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