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After practising your spelling this week, ask an adult to test you. See how many you can get? Good luck!

Friday Free Choice Read!

Read a book of your own choice today. If you need books to read don't forget you can get access of lots of different stories on Purple Mash. Log on and go to SERIAL MASH. There are many books to choose from, some easy and some more challenging. Each week we will set you a book to look at on your Purple Mash TO DO'S, so don't forget to check it out. 

Grammar Activity

How to use see and saw:

Have a look at this power point. Take the quiz at the end to see how many you get right.

Use your knowledge to have a go at these questions.


Lesson 5. Look at the first document. It is an illustration from the story. Spend some time looking at it and discussing what you can see with someone else (if you can). Look at the second document. It is a mood palette asking you to record different ideas about the picture. The third document has some helpful hints to guide you if you get stuck. Remember, if you can't print these off, you can do it on a piece of paper.


Aut5.11.5 - Calculate perimeter

This is "Aut5.11.5 - Calculate perimeter" by White Rose Maths on Vimeo, the home for high quality videos and the people who love them.

Friday pm


Lesson 1

Our PSHE topic is called Going for Goals. Have a look at this story before you have a look at the task.

After reading the story, have a think about these questions. Discuss it with an adult if you can. • What happened in the story? •Which son would you like to be best? Why? •Which son had been given the most useful present from the spirit? Why? •What did the fourth son do, and what skills did he use, as a good learner? Complete the activity below putting what you think was on each pebble.