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Joe Wicks - 

P.E with Joe | Monday 30th March 2020

Day 6 of my 9am daily workouts

Reading Lesson 3 - The Victorians.


Tomorrow is World Book Day and we will be asking children to create something based on their favourite book or book character. It could be a picture, a model or even food! Today we have attached a link to a website called 'Step InsideYour Story'. Have a look at the ideas on here and maybe have a go at some of the activities. Can you make your own concertina book?

As part of World Book Day, we will be taking part in a Drop Everything and Read session at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning. Today we would like you to choose a book, magazine or something else that you like to read. It could be something new or something you have read many times. 

Make yourself a comfortable place ready for tomorrow. Maybe you could make a reading den! Can you get everyone else in your family to Drop Everything and Read at 10am? Have fun!

Multiply mixed numbers by integers



As we are having an Art Week next week, today we will be looking at our favourite book illustrations to link with World Book Day which takes place tomorrow. Do some research and draw a picture of your favourite book character or book cover. Who created it? What do you like about it?

Remember to take pictures and put on Class Dojos.