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Reading Comprehension

Grammar Lesson 3

English - Reading the model text.

Today we would like you to read this story. You can read it by yourself or with someone else. If you get stuck on any of the words, get someone to help you. Open the picture to look at as you read. We are going to be using this story to help us write our own in the next couple of weeks.

Wednesday 20th January

Area of compound shapes

Art - pm

Lesson 2

Last week you found out as much as you could about Vincent Van Gogh. This week we would like you to focus on his paintings. Choose one that you really like. How does the painting make you feel? What is it that you like about it? 

Have a go at drawing or painting your favourite Van Gogh painting. Remember you can use whatever art medium you like. Look at the pictures in the slideshow below to give you some inspiration.

Music Lesson 1

This term we will be using the BBC Ten Pieces to help with our music. The piece we will be studying is 'Night on a Bare Mountain'. Look at the power point below to find out about the composer and listen to it.

Music Lesson 1